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Hotel Review – Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa, Poland

View from beach road of outside bar

If you came here from my article describing the fun I had in Sopot, you will already be aware that I loved this hotel. If you didn’t, you are now up to speed with the rest of the readers. I reached that verdict after visiting for four nights in October 2017 (see picture above) when […]

Exploring Poland’s Tricity Area – Sopot

Sopot Pier 2

This article is part one of the series “Exploring Poland’s Tricity Area” Exploring Poland’s Tricity Area – Sopot Exploring Poland’s Tricity Area – Gdynia Exploring Poland’s Tricity Area – Gdansk   This #PomorskieAdventures and #LifestylePolen campaign was masterminded by the Nordic Travel Bloggers collective working together with the Pomorskie (aka Pomerania) Regional Tourist Organisation. The […]

Grown-up Travel Guide’s Best Photos: The Pier, Sopot, Poland

The pier, Sopot, Poland

Sopot’s famous attraction first opened in 1827 and remains the longest wooden pier in Europe with its impressive 511 metre reach. It was designed as a combined pleasure pier and mooring point for cruise boats, and despite the fact that the high season was very definitely over when we visited in late October, it’s an […]