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Norwegian Tourist Board does it again – check out this amazing 360 degree video


Ever wondered what it must be like to do this? Image obtained from Flickr.com under Creative Commons (c) Oskari Kettunen Wondered what it must be like – kind of. Wanted to do it – not really… Well now you can get some of the experience at least. Without the major potential for a spectacular and messy death? Yes, without […]

The Lego London tube map


MORE Lego?! Oh yes. Not content with creating the magnificent Lego Christmas tree at St Pancras station in London, those clever people at Bright Bricks have done it again. Or rather, Duncan from Bright Bricks has. Ladies and gentleman, witness the London tube map as never before – in Lego! Image (c) Bright Bricks Wait a minute, […]

Now this is how to promote Norway as a tourist destination


Image (c) C H/www.visitnorway.com Innovation Norway First a spot of disclosure. As the more observant of you will have become aware this site is presided over by an English bloke in voluntary (and wonderfully enjoyable) exile in Norway. Given the affection we at Grown-up Travel Guide have for the country we consider it one of our many […]

Grown-up Travel Guide Daily Photo: Sign in Vondelpark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  I guess that covers it? I particularly like the distinction between acoustic music (guitars and trumpets – allowed) and amplified music or percussion instruments (CD players, drums – not allowed). And the fact that they seem to have had an about-turn about ‘sunbathing in the nood’ – so if you’re in the mood to […]