The Best Ways To Fund Your Travels


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Travel isn’t a cheap hobby, but seeing more of the world is always a privilege. If you’re worried about how you’re going to afford your travel dreams, don’t panic. There are ways to fund your globe-trotting adventures without emptying your bank account. 

Savings and Credit Cards

If you have savings ‘for a rainy day’, you could use those for your travels. It’s important to have savings that can be used for emergencies like job loss or illness, but if you have a healthy nest egg, you can use some of it for something to enjoy now instead of in the future. 

If you have a strong credit rating, you could think about funding your travels with a card. Just make sure you can afford to pay it off. 

You could save specifically for your travels too. If you can afford to, put a percentage of your monthly salary into your regular savings account, and another percentage into a second account that is just for traveling. Save yourself money on other areas of your life, such as skipping your takeaway coffee habit, doing DIY like learning how to troubleshoot your leaking refrigerator yourself, or swapping your car for public transport. Put the money you save into your travel plans. 


If you’re dreaming of a life-changing adventure, and want to be away for a few months, you could work while you’re away to make sure you can afford your trip. Working alongside travel is a classic way to afford those long-term trips. Check if you will need a work permit, and then look for jobs like waiting tables, bar work, guest relations in hotels, and similar ‘tourist’ jobs. You could also think about teaching English as a foreign language. 

You could also be a digital nomad. Lots of jobs, especially freelance careers like copywriting, graphic design, or online marketing, can be done from anywhere that you can plug in your laptop and access WiFi. 

You could also think about taking work on yachts as a way to see more of the world, but expect to work hard in exchange for living in those incredible locations. 

Content Creation

Do you look at the travel bloggers and wonder how they can afford their trips? Bloggers can make an income through advertising, sponsored content, brand partnerships, or selling products like eBooks or courses. They may also get some trips free of charge, in exchange for review or advertising. Don’t get into blogging just for the freebies, but if you love to travel, it could be a good way to share your trips and pay for your adventures at the same time. 

If you can put the time into building up your blog to be successful, you may be lucky enough to be invited to travel as part of press trips and campaigns, which can help you to travel more without paying for it yourself. 

There are plenty of ways to make money while seeing the world. Just choose the one that works for you. 




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