The story about an eyewear company travelling all the world

Travelling can offer a lot of upsides in terms of personal development and experiences. It can also offer growth for businesses when they’re expanding the right way. Travelling gets you out of the comfort zone and it can help an individual to become smarter and more competent. It is difficult to outline what the right way is in particular, but we do see a lot of examples of businesses that aren’t able to make it in foreign countries.

The Danish eyewear company, Christopher Cloos, is a great example of how a business can develop through travelling. The market in foreign countries is often quite different compared to the market the business originally started operating from. Therefore, it is also very difficult to compete with existing businesses in a foreign market. These factors usually terrify a lot of businesses, but Christopher Cloos ventured into the foreign markets across Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

This has resulted in more than 500 retail locations in two and a half years. The primary form of transportation has been by car and obviously also by airplanes and they started cold calling various retail locations in the early phase to get it up and running. Christopher Cloos is a good example of getting out of the comfort zone. They were comfortable in Denmark with safe partnerships and accounts, but they wanted more. And today they are even available at several Nikki Beach locations worldwide.

Travelling offers infinite opportunities to network and it enables businesses and individuals to create extremely valuable connections and Christopher Cloos has demonstrated exactly that with their story.

They have travelled the aforementioned areas from one end to the other selling sunglasses and eyeglasses to retail locations. Sunglasses are a great accessory when you’re travelling. They protect your eyes from the UV radiation (if the sunglasses are polarized) and are important whether you are driving, hiking or just strolling around in the city. The lenses in the Christopher Cloos frames are polarized and this equals very high protection against UV radiation. In addition, they are also very stylish. Christopher Cloos sunglasses are a great accessory to bring on travels and stay protected from the UV radiation.

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