Top 10 Destinations in Scandinavia to Visit

Top 10 Destinations in Scandinavia to Visit

If you have chosen Scandinavia as your next holiday destination, we congratulate you! Countries with dramatic landscapes and exciting entertainment awaits you, so start planning your trip by checking out these top 10 destinations to visit in Scandinavia.

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1. The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

If you like driving while looking at beautiful scenery, the Atlantic Road might be a good choice. It is an 8.3 km long highway that runs through an archipelago on the western coast of Norway. All the way you will be able to gaze at the most amazing landscapes of nature.

The Atlantic Ocean Road:

2. IceHotel, Sweden

Bored of common hotels? You can stay at the IceHotel in Sweden. There is really no chance of melting, as the temperature always remains at -5 degrees. You will have to stay wrapped up in a sleeping bag and a blanket, but the experience is worth it. If you need more inspiration, check out Scandinavia tours.

3. Loyly Sauna, Finland

A stylish sauna installation to keep you warm. After relaxing in the heat, you can take a dip in the Baltic Sea, and afterwards, have a meal at a restaurant or enjoy a cup of coffee at the nearby cafes while enjoying the views.

4. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Isolated islands north of the Arctic Circle are quite hard to get to, but when you do, the view immediately takes away the fatigue of the trip. Steep mountain peaks and clear water of the fjords and small, dreamy fishing huts. Lofoten Islands are highly chosen to see the Auroras.

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5. Geirangerfjord, Norway

Surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides, the Geirangerfjord is another fabulous holiday destination for you to visit. If you prefer hiking there is a comfortable and very exciting route to take. You can also tour it by bus, with the views just as amazing. At the peak of the day, with the sun reflecting on the mountains, the landscapes are simply wondrous.


6. The Oresund Underwater Bridge, Sweden

This combined railway and motorway bridge is completed by a tunnel that is installed underwater. One lazy drive will bring you an exciting experience. The bridge is now one of the most important landmarks of Sweden and is praised by its original architecture.

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7. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Denmark

On the coast of the North Sea in Rubjerg, the lighthouse is 60 m above sea level, stationed atop the sand dunes, Jutland. It was first lit in the 1900s, but had to be reconstructed even earlier, since the original establishment got buried under the sand. This is a great location for ocean-lovers and admirers of all things seamanship.

Rubjerg Knude Litghthouse:

8. Koli National Park, Finland

Perfect for nature-lovers, Koli National Park was built in order to preserve the agricultural beauty of Finland, as well as overall national attractions of the country. It is spread across 30 hectares, filled with greenery and rocks. Interestingly, this park was originally a sacrificial site.

9. Santa Claus Village, Finland

Scandinavia is the perfect place to spend some time before Christmas. Especially the Santa Claus village in Finland, filled with festivities and lights. It is a great place to get some last-minute gifts and enjoy the Christmas-y sights.

10. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A man-made geothermal spa, to relax your body and mind. Located at the foot of Mount Torbjorn, this steamy bath is rich with water salts and algae, which will restore the softness of the skin and will drastically lighten your mood, while you enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains.

Make sure to put these destinations on your itinerary and have a beautiful, warming Scandinavian holiday. Time to relax!