Top 5 Must-Visit Wine Bars in Europe

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Most travelers and backpackers would often visit countries to take snaps of famous tourist spots and have gastronomic experience. Others travel to search for new cultures, traditions, and relaxation.

One of the best places to explore is Europe. Apart from being the melting pot of cultural biodiversity, rich history, and breath-taking architectural landmarks, it’s also home to many notable vineyards that produce fine wines.

Europe is too big of a continent, and we can’t cover every local spot available, so we summarized it and gave you five must-visit wine bars in Europe. Take note that these examples are recommendations from several wine experts, local communities and travel reviews in various locations in Europe.

Le Bar à Vin: Bordeaux, France

A classy wine bar adorned with neoclassical columns and some lucrative tapestry inside Bordeaux’s 18th-century building. You will soon discover that locals visit this bar for relaxation and cheap glasses.

Starting prices for Bordeaux reds start at two euros a drink, and you can spend all day there, accommodated by friendly staff while feasting your eyes at the nearby sculptures.

Long evenings await at this bar, so it is better to spend your afternoon with a glass of Bordeaux Supérieur or maybe a nice 2011 Château Ladignac Cru Bourgeois. Also, take note that this Chief’s Sommelier is Martin Schofield, who used to work for the Garrick Club in London, one of the oldest members club in the World. Go classy at this bar with a couple of your friends for a lovely experience.

The Decanter: Leeds, England

Cleverly placed in the centre of the City, The Decanter gives off a vintage mood, feels-like-home aura with the use of brickwork, wood and friendly staff along with standby wine experts at your service. With dozens of wines starting from Merlots to Chablis, it is quite impossible not to ask nearby staff for recommendations, but do not fret.

As stated, The Decanter staff are prepared for Guests like you, with their expert advice they can match wine brands suited to your taste or maybe go daring as they offer you new brands to taste and enrich your taste buds. No matter the mood, there is something prepared for you at The Decanter.

Rimessa Roscioli: Rome, Italy

A fitting place for beginners in wine tasting culture or for some tourists looking for an excellent place to taste and learn Italian Wine selections. Here you will be guided by local experts about Italy’s wine history and cultural influences. They also host nightly wine tasting events as well as teaching guests on pairing gourmet snacks with recommended wine brands.

Rimessa Roscioli is recommended for newcomers and tourists looking for an authentic, cultural experience.

The Noble Rot: Holborn, London

Originated as a magazine Located in the center of London, The Noble Rot opened its doors in 2015. Atmospheric and full of wine lovers, the Noble Rot is a place where you can find and select the World’s leading wine brands and top-rated drinks while enjoying several dishes from their head chef.

It is also helpful to know that The Noble rot originated as a magazine for Wine, music and food. And did I mention that The Noble Rot also won awards like Wine List of the Year for 2016 and 2017?

Les Chantiers de la Garonne: Bordeaux, France

Before this was a favored wine bar and top-rated by experts in Bordeaux, Les Chantiers de la Garonne used to be a boatyard that was abandoned and remodeled by Philippe Barre as one of his ecosystems.

The bar features a beautiful riverside dining space, complete with seafood cafe, microbrewery as well as a sailing club and more. Most of the Les Chantiers tables are made from recycled wood and salvaged boat parts, it is also a place to watch Bordeaux’s wine enthusiasts cruising along the riverbanks.

Aside from the riverside bar that Les Chantiers offers, they also house the most abundant organic restaurant in France, The Magasin Général and areas with sandy beaches along the perimeter of the said bar. If you’re looking for an excellent place to dine in with the right amount of crowd, then checking out Les Chantiers de la Garonne would be a highly recommended option.


There are more places to explore and try in Europe, and this is nothing but a tip on the iceberg. Europe offers a more vibrant and more authentic history of wines and different variations. While most of us bear little to no explicit knowledge of wines and their brand names sometimes, we hesitate to do it and change our plans, especially in traveling.

That is why it is an excellent option to check online or local alcohol stores to see what you’re getting. Some of the wines mentioned have Sokolin wine ratings, and you can also check its online selections.

Travelers and wine-tasters alike, nothing is too far for an adventure and nothing is too daring for wines, check these places out and see for yourself Europe’s Finest.


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