Travel-related fun spot – Groupon manages to majorly misquote a once-mighty manager – twice

Love that alliteration! So what’s this then?

Well, as a subscriber to Groupon’s (Norwegian) offers I receive a couple of emails most days. I’ve yet to take them up on any travel bargains but I am often heard emitting a frustrated “O.F.F.S.” when reading their sales pitches.

“O.F.F.S.”? What does that – oh wait, I get you.

Basically I don’t know whether this is just unique to the Norwegian site or if it is Groupon policy but they summarize each offer with an attempt at wit and wordplay which rarely comes off. However it can be quite (unintentionally) funny.

Sounding a little smug there…

Go take a look yourself, please… Anyhow yesterday they really dropped the ball with a football quote (slight mix of metaphors there) that even I – as seemingly one of the few Brits not interested in the slightest in the game – have heard many times before. It may even be the most famous football quote of all time, but it certainly slipped through Groupon’s fingers when they wanted to promote a Liverpool soccer holiday.

Hey we all make mistakes, right?

I might have let it go but then they repeated it in today’s offer and that was it. Can you spot the error?

Bill Shankly: “Life is not a matter of life or death, it is much more important than that.” 

***smacks forehead***