Travel in Style: How to Make the Most of Your Money

If you think that having a good holiday requires having a huge bankroll behind you, think again. Travelling in style doesn’t have to break the bank. There are all sorts of little changes you can make to help your money go further.

What’s more, most of them are ridiculously simple. Wherever you are planning to visit next, ensure that you bear the following five tips in mind. You’ll be having the holiday of your dreams in no time, and at little cost.



Take Care of Your Accounts

If you are going away somewhere, then it is always a good idea to set up a separate bank account. This is particularly true if you are planning to travel for an extended period of time. Having a separate account is an excellent way to ensure that you know in exact terms what your financial situation is. Knowing your situation stops you from overspending or making little mistakes. Those mistakes which cause enormous stress when it’s time to return home. Set up a new current account, and treat it like savings.

Book Ahead

This is vital, particularly for hotels. Booking before you leave might seem basic, but it’s amazing how many people overlook it. Booking ahead is a guaranteed way to save money in the long run. And it’s not hard to find cheap accommodation and travel. Hotwire hotels are definitely worth a click if you’re booking early. They offer cheap hotels, cars and flights – so it’s possible you won’t need to go looking anywhere else.

Take the Scenic Route

But what about once you’re there at your destination of choice? It’s important not to get over-excited and break the bank once you arrive. When it comes to travelling around the country, consider taking trains or buses. Taxis can be great, but they are needlessly more expensive. Public transport is cheaper and it offers fantastic views of the countryside. Don’t listen to those who say that trains are cheap. You haven’t really seen a country’s proper character until you’ve traversed it on rail.

Go Off-Peak

A must for saving those pennies. Travelling off-peak often means that you’re paying as little as 50% of the on-peak price. This is particularly the case for long-haul flights. If you can, avoid travelling during school holidays as this is when some of these prices can really shoot through the roof. There’s no point paying more than something is worth. Even if you’re travelling first class – and why not? – you may as well go when it’s a bit cheaper. That way, you’ll have more spending money when you get there.

Talk For Less

Mobile phones can be one of the biggest surprise expenses of holidaying abroad. Before you go away on your next trip, consider investing in a free roaming package. These deals can bring the minute-by-minute costs of calling home down by over 60%. This is one sure way to keep your money safe for when it really matters. Spend less on talking, spend more on yourself.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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