Travel trends to shape your summer getaway

With exotic destinations, exciting city breaks and adventurous natural discoveries; those typical daydream holidays could be more of a reality. More and more holidaymakers are taking to the skies and seas and visiting destinations they would usually only dream about. Keep one head of the game with these travel trends to help you plan your next big getaway.   

Take shorter trips

One of the biggest trends to come out of the travel industry last year is the increase of travellers taking short breaks. This could be because it’s becoming easier to get a flight as they’re more frequently available. Make the most of this and choose to go on a few smaller breaks, spread out across the year. You’ll be able to see more destinations and fantastic sights across the world, whether you spend a few days in Las Vegas or take up some of the best city breaks in Europe.

Research using reviews

Gone are the days of arriving at your destination and it not matching up to your expectations. With easy access to the internet and with social media at our fingertips, the travel industry relies heavily on feedback. Reviews and recommendations have shaped how we research our holidays. Published customer reviews are a great and honest way to find out more about a destination. Make the most of your summer getaways by spending extra time reading customer experiences on hotels, resorts and destinations. It’ll help you get the holiday you’re after with all the amenities and facilities you desire.

Solo travel

Whether holidaymakers are braver or travelling has become more intertwined into modern society; travelling on your own has become increasingly popular. Solo travel can be a great way to explore famous cities and far-flung destinations without any compromise that comes with bringing someone along with you. Travelling by yourself means you can follow your own schedule and see the sights you want to see. Although this is a popular way to travel, you will need to take extra care to keep yourself safe when exploring. Especially, if it’s somewhere you’ve never been before. 


With the great rise in travel bloggers and social media influencers, many people are following in their footsteps and travelling to certain hotspots around the world armed with their cameras. They’re hoping to capture that prize shot to share with their friends and family back home. Even if you’re not an avid photographer, it’s always nice to visit somewhere that’s worth remembering. You can use the bloggers’ photographs for ideas on the most scenic places to travel to next.

Organised excursions

Explore more of the destination you’re visiting with an organised tour. Professional, local guides will show you around communities to give you an insight into how the locals live and work. From local cooking classes and craft making to hiking to remote villages and exploring the local history. It’s a great example of sustainable travel and giving back to the local community and keep aware of the world around you. 

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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