Travelling Tips For The Self-Employed

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The beauty of modern-day technology is that it almost lets us be in more than one place at the same time. You can utilize this concept to enjoy your travels without sacrificing too much time away from work.

This is particularly beneficial if you’re self-employed or run a business. It means you can go on vacation with your family, travel solo, but stay updated with your work at all times. Thus, you can still make money while you’re abroad!

How is this possible? Keep on reading, and you will soon find out:

Connect via the cloud

Cloud technology exists to let you access things from all over the world. A basic example is a cloud storage platform where you can access data from anywhere. While this comes in handy for storing travel photos, it’s not the main use I have in mind.

Instead, you can use things like Office 365 or Google Docs to work via the cloud. It enables you to create documents and collaborate with clients or employees from afar. You can add notes in projects, see what updates people have made, and so on. It’s the best way to stay updated with employees and clients while you travel. 

Set up a virtual address

A clear drawback of being abroad is that you can’t access all of your mail. Now, you will receive emails, but what about all the physical mail that goes to your address? Some of it can be very important, and you don’t want to let it pile up.

Thankfully, this is resolved by virtual business and mailbox services. In essence, you set up a virtual address where people can send mail. All the letters or contracts or bills get sent to this address. Here, a team will sort the mail, scan it, then upload it into a box for you to access online.

As such, you now have a virtual mailbox where you can keep track of everything. It’s super convenient and tailormade for a self-employed traveler!

Create a rough schedule

Obviously, you want to enjoy your travels as much as you can. Therefore, you don’t want to be bent over your laptop for hours a day.

Instead, set a rough work schedule to follow. Consider waking up early and doing a couple of hours as you eat breakfast. Then, enjoy your day, check-in briefly at lunch, and go about the rest of your vacation tasks.

You could spend a couple of hours in the evening reviewing the day’s work before heading to bed. Also, take full advantage of any downtime you have. What I mean is situations where you don’t have anything to do.

This includes waiting around at the airport for your flight, travelling on a plane or train, etc. You can get work done without compromising the rest of your travel experience. 

When you’re self-employed, you worry that travelling is a thing of the past. If you don’t work, then you don’t make money. Well, these tips show that you can still go on vacation and stay in touch with your business endeavors. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. 

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