Travelling With Kitesurfing Equipment? Your Top Tips!

Have you booked your flight and picked the destination for your kitesurfing holiday? Then it’s time to start packing! Kitesurfing equipment can be bulky and difficult to carry, but the good news is that it’s possible to get all your gear to your holiday hotspot without any problems if you follow these tips. Whether you’re a beginner who is just learning to kitesurf or whether you’re an advanced rider who’s ready to try their hand at kitesurfing in one of the world’s most exotic destinations, here is your expert advice about travelling with your equipment in tow.

Pick A Wheeled Kite Bag

The top tip for travelling with your kite equipment is to choose a kite bag that has wheels. It’s easier to move from A to B! However, make sure that you check how heavy the bag is before you buy. You don’t want to choose a bag that’s incredibly heavy. Also, check the padding – you want to make sure that your equipment is well protected. You may be able to get a free golf luggage pass for your kitesurfing equipment if you choose a kitebag which looks like golfing equipment, but you’ll have to have a certain amount of luck to get away without paying.

Take the Right Kite Size

Before you travel, find out as much as you can about the wind conditions at your chosen destination. This will help you to pack the right size of kite. If you need multiple kite sizes, leave your single kite backpacks behind and only take one along with you. You can easily fit multiple kites in one bag if you’re clever about your packing.

Pack Your Kites Properly

The next tip is to make sure you’ve properly deflated your kites and tubes before packing them tightly. You can get the tightest pack by rolling everything inwards from each side. If you’ve got a North Kite, open its main valve to allow all the air to escape. Some people put their kite into a space-saving vacuum bag. This may work for you, but some people have had problems with bursting bladders, so it might not be worth your while. Folding your kite into three is the best way to maximise your kitebag space.

Dismount The Handle, Fins And Footstraps

You can maximise your available packing space by dismounting everything from the kite board. Take the fins off first as they may break off easily if your luggage is handled badly at the airport. While it’s more convenient to keep the handle and footstraps on, it’ll save space if you remove them. Remember to bring along spare screws if you’re going to a remote spot. It can be all too easy to lose the screws and then not be able to ride.

Remove The Hose From The Pump

The kite pump’s weakest spot is its hose. They may break simply because they are folded. Remove the hose and make sure it’s put separately into your kitebag. The best place to put it is at the side of the bag as it won’t be squeezed excessively. Remember you will need to bring your pump – you can’t rely on other kitesurfers to have one to hand.

Put The Screwdriver, Fins And Screws Into A Smaller Bag

You can make sure you don’t lose anything by putting all the small components into a single place. Make sure you pack your screwdriver carefully – you don’t want to damage your kite if the bag is handled badly by airline staff.

Packing Your Clothes

One of the best ways to get your clothing into your kitebag is to use packing cubes. The smaller ones are best since they fit more easily into the available space than larger ones. Roll up your clothing to save even more room. If you pack sufficient clothing for a week long stay, you shouldn’t need anything extra. You can wash while you’re there.

Pack In The Correct Order

There’s an order that you should follow when it comes to packing your gear to save as much space as possible.

First, put your board into the bag. This will stabilise it. Next, put your kites in, folded into three. Next, put your clothes into packing cubes and put them into the bag. Get the fins and footstraps and fit them between your kites. Next, put the harness on top for extra protection, and if you’re taking a yoga mat or towel, put that right on top of it all. This will give your kites more protection in the unlikely event of your bag getting ripped or damaged.

Packing In A Hurry

If you’re in a huge rush, you can use a different type of packing technique. Just roll all three of your kites together then put them in the bag. If you apply weight to the bag, you’ll find the air is released slowly. This is the speediest way to pack, but it isn’t the best way to maximise your packing space.

If you need to make the most of every inch of space in your kitebag, you’ll need to go with the more laborious method. However, if you’ve got plenty of room and need to rush to catch your flight, following this simpler and more rapid approach should get the job done in no time. It might not be the most thorough approach, but it’s certainly a speedy one!

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