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Are you in charge of organizing your own travel for business purposes? Did your boss hand you responsibility, believing it would be easier and cheaper to let you search online for flights, accommodation and everything else? Or perhaps you run your own company and are faced with making all the arrangements for upcoming trips?

On the face of it, it sounds like a manageable proposition. I mean, we’ve pretty much all found flights and hotel rooms on the internet and then felt a sense of satisfaction at achieving it all without a travel agent.

But business travel is a different matter. Usually you will have far less flexibility in terms of dates and times, arrival and departure cities and so on (generally you have no flexibility at all.)

This can lead to higher prices and more problems in obtaining the tickets and reservations you need for a reasonable price and will definitely lead to your spending an inordinate amount of time trawling the web.

Let me introduce you to the alternative – not a travel agent, but a travel management company.

Statesman Travel is the antithesis of a call centre. When you sign up with Statesman you are assigned a small team of expert business travel consultants and two regular contacts who deal with the vast majority of your requests (in other words all of them apart from when they are on holiday or lunch breaks)

When I say experts I mean it, too – these consultants have an average of over 12 years of experience in business travel.

Instead of dealing with a vast, sprawling company based on several continents, Statesman operates from a single London office. All staff work on the same floor and are able to communicate face to face – just like you intend to do with your clients when travelling across the globe.

With the UK office spending over £110m annually on travel and an international network spending close to £3bn, Statesman Travel have serious buying power. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you on lowering both your direct and indirect travel costs – the latter is regularly ignored by other business travel agents. This is not just a booking agency, it’s a travel management company.

If you are currently struggling with different systems for flights, hotels and other needs, you are going to love the company’s StatesManager. This incorporates all the tools a travel booker could ever need in one online portal and it works across PCs, tablets and mobiles too.

To experience the ultimate travel management company and benefit from service, simplicity and savings, contact Statesman Travel today!


Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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