Visit Norway does it yet again – see their latest 360 degree view

photo credit: doegox via photopin cc
Photo credit: doegox via photopin cc

Oi you! Wondering why the Visit Norway website won a Webby Award?

Er, to be honest I had no idea that they had…

No, you probably didn’t. Anyway, there were several good reasons but the amazing 360 degree views (and even videos) they have on their site is a big factor in the site’s popularity. Not only are they technically stunning to the point where you are left scratching your head and wondering how they did it (black magic, I reckon) they certainly help to sell the awesome beauty of Norway.

“Awesome?” I seem to recall you saying you hated that word…

I do, when it’s used all the time (hey, Americans!) for everything from food to hotels; however the natural landscape in Norway is genuinely awesome. As in the dictionary definition. Just look it up and shut up, okay?

Blimey. I will then.

Good. Now back to the story. We’ve featured Visit Norway’s superb promotional campaign before; first the superb panorama shots and then the fully navigable 360 degree video of a couple of nutters throwing themselves off a cliff in a “wingsuit” at Flo near Stryn in the west of the country.

Basically if you click on the link below and have a go navigating around the image, then tell me you still are not interested in visiting Norway, either you have no pulse or an irrational fear of fjords. Or fresh air. Or the most beautiful people in the world…I could go on.