A weekend trip to Munich – for the classy Gentleman


If you are looking for an exquisite time off, if you are grown-up man and if you do not have to turn around a penny twice before spending it, here’s an idea for you! Why not spend an amazing and relaxed weekend in one of Germany’s most unique cities?

Munich is known for its fantastic beer and very tasty food, but also for its charm, history and exciting nightlife. Here are some insights and tips for your next trip to Munich …

Let the planning begin!

Before starting any relaxed trip, some previous planning is absolutely necessary. Finding a flight to Germany is easy, as there are plenty of non-stop flights directly to Munich.

Looking for the right place to stay can be a bit trickier. Not because there are not many choices – actually, there are too many fantastic hotels you can choose from! We will give you some links and ideas concerning this issue a bit later. The same goes for the culinary diversity this city has in store.

But there is one topic, which might be quite important especially for single men: romance! Yes! A night out with a strikingly beautiful lady, who also knows the place you’re visiting like the back of her hand, is always a treat.

To make this endeavour as easy going as possible, contacting a VIP escort agency in Munich is actually the best thing to do. These top escorts are not only a sight to behold, but also very charming, eloquent and discreet hosts.

Top class hotels in Munich – whatever you want!

Munich is actually one of the most expensive cities in Germany. The luxurious amenities, the proximity to the German Alps and the fact that it is the capital of Bavaria makes this town the place to be for the international high society when visiting this country.

Hence, you have many top class hotels to pick from. A good website to start your search is the “Leading Hotels of the World”. Here, you’ll find the all-time Munich classics in terms of five-star hotels, like the “Bayrischer Hof” or the family owned “Hotel Königshof”.

Should you be looking for a more singular accommodation, places like the design hotel “Anna” or the boutique hotel “The Charles” are probably more to your liking.

Munich – a German paradise for foodies and gourmets

Foody? Gourmet? If you count to those seeking pure culinary delights during a stay in Munich, you should definitely check out the website “Via Michelin”.

The most renowned restaurant guide in the world offers you an abundance of truly magnificent restaurants in Munich! The four 2-star restaurants and the seven restaurants with one star are just the tip of the culinary iceberg.

The “EssZimmer” (dining room) is THE place to dine for the local Haute Voulée. But just visiting one of the famous beer gardens and ordering a “Mass” (a 1 litre jug of beer!!!) and a “Schweinshaxe” (a grilled pork knuckle) will surely get your juices flowing