What are the World’s Most Exotic Casino Destinations?

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Everyone heard about the casinos of the Las Vegas strip or the grandeur of the elaborately decorated gaming halls in Monte Carlo. But the discerning gamer on the search for a casino with an x-factor should consider these more unusual venues, which often have so much more to offer than just the roulette wheel and blackjack tables.

Macau (China)

Just across the South China Sea 40 miles from Hong Kong lies Macau, the powerhouse of Chinese and Asian gaming, that has simultaneously boomed alongside the Chinese economy. Although this autonomous territory is only set across eight square kilometers, it is packed with a rich heritage thanks to its Portuguese colonial connections, its Chinese neighbor’s influence, and the glitz and glamour of its many casino resorts.

Add to this the fact that Macau is blessed with golden beaches, excellent fusion cuisine, and some of the most luxurious hotels anywhere on the planet, and it’s already clear that this is one destination that needs to go straight to the top of your bucket list.

Options for Those Who Prefer to Stay at Home?

Even if you can’t make it to incredible destinations like Macau, there are always live casino games to hand that you can call on whenever you wish from your mobile phone. With live casino dealers and huge varieties of games, with a dusting of imagination, you may as well be at any casino in the world, with spectators roaring you on as you shock the house.

Alice Springs (Australia)

For folks who wish to learn about Australian aboriginal culture by day and rock the casino tables by night, you need to look no further than Alice Springs, hidden away in the depths of the desolately beautiful Australian outback. Some of the standout experiences available to visitors are sunset, or sunrise, helicopter flights that take in the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Then, of course, you have to make the pilgrimage to see Uluru, the giant red rock, also known as Ayers Rock. This UNESCO site is surrounded by stunning water holes, caves, and ancient aboriginal paintings, for you to explore in wonderment before heading back to the Crowne Plaza hotel for cocktails and craps.

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Costa Rica (Central America)

This Central American country blends the wonders of the natural world with all the comforts of civilized society. With huge tracts of the country officially being designated as national parkland, wildlife thrives here, and tourists can be lucky enough to spot anything from jaguars to tree-hugging spider monkeys. When your eyes get strained from peering through binoculars, you can swap the jungle canopy for canapés and casino games at Hotel Amapola or the Best Western Hotel & Casino Kamuk.

Cape Town and Sun City (South Africa)

We had to highlight not one but two gaming destinations in South Africa, simply because both are so unique and worth a visit. Cape Town has casino facilities fit for royalty and combines them with iconic attractions such as Table Mountain and the enticing Stellenbosch wine region.

Sun City, on the other hand, is surrounded by some of the most diverse wildlife and savannahs to be found anywhere, meaning that one minute you can be watching a pack of lions hunt their prey and the next you can channel the predator inside you, as you prowl the casino hunting for chips. Why not visit both the Cape and the City, as part of a dream trip that will live long in the memory?

Iguazu Falls (Argentina)

The best time to visit these jaw-dropping falls is outside of the summer season that runs from January through March. The rest of the year, water cascades all around visitors, who can watch on in awe from a special platform that gives a real idea of the power on display. When you’ve recovered your senses and dried the mist from your clothes, there are heaps of excellent casinos to have fun in.

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Cataratas del Iguazú en el Parque Nacional Iguazu, Argentina.
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