When is the best time to book an all-inclusive holiday?

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One of the main struggles when it comes to tracking down your perfect holiday is finding the right time to do so. Sometimes if you book early you can manage to nab a great price and also ensure you get to pick the best dates available to you.

However, last minute buyers can often pick up even better bargains thanks to reductions in flights and rooms in order to sell off the last few spaces as the departure dates approach. Of course, if you hang around too long then there’s a greater possibility that you’ll miss out entirely and your dream trip may have to wait another year.

So when exactly is the best time to book?

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In order to save the most money a number of various price comparison sites were asked that very question and what they believed was the best time to book in order to get the cheapest fares around.

The companies involved in the research, including Skyscanner and travel site Kayak, crunched their numbers (including that of historical data) and found some very interesting and specifically accurate advice.

The research suggests that the ideal time to book a flight to the Spanish island of Tenerife, or indeed other Spanish mainland destinations, is specifically 7 weeks before the intended departure date, which will help you secure the cheapest flights around.

The research also discovered that 18 weeks ahead of time is the perfect period to arrange your outgoing flights if say New York or Bangkok is high on your list of potential destinations.

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Whilst that data is particularly useful for sorting out your flights many of us now choose to go all-inclusive in order to try and avoid those additional overlooked costs. This is where Kayak’s research results are particularly interesting and very seasonally specific.

Taking a trip to Barcelona for example, it is suggested by the site to book 8 months in advance for a summer getaway, 11 for autumn, 2 for winter and 4 for the spring. They were even able to also explicitly determine the best days to book, so if you decided to travel to Barcelona in the spring then you should look to depart on a Saturday and return on a Friday.

There are many great ways of finding your ideal holiday as well as the perfect time to get it booked up to help save you the most money.

Whilst looking online I came across this useful and fully interactive all-inclusive generator by online operator Alpharooms.

By answering a few simple questions, the graphic quickly pairs you up with the best-suggested destinations for both you and your family or fellow travellers, have a look yourself below.

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