World’s 10 Worst Airports in 2020

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Airports have extended facilities that help in maintaining and storing aircraft. Also, they have a control tower that guides aircraft. Large airports have emergency services, taxiway bridges, and airport aprons. Statistics show that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has issued codes to more than 40,000 airports worldwide. But, some airports offer poor flight experience. In this article, we discuss the world’s 10 worst airports.

1.    Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

DTW has a TSA wait time of 24 minutes. Although it is busy, its wait times are less than 15 minutes in 20 percent of the time. Even so, Detroit Metro has a high number of on-time flight departures.

2.    London Gatwick Airport

This is the second-largest international airport in the United Kingdom. Although the airport renovated its terminals recently, it didn’t build a new runway. Its waiting bays and lounges are often crowded thus inconveniencing many travelers.

3.    Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Liberty is among the world’s worst airports to depart from when you are late. The airport has CLEAR lines and a TSA wait time of up to 33.53 minutes. Wait times of less than 15 minutes occur in 3.57 percent of the time. Thus, travelers have a high probability of waiting for their flights for long despite arriving at the airport on time.

4.    London Luton Airport (LTN)

London Luton resembles a large warehouse. It has limited seating, stark lighting and it is always dirty. Besides, the disorganized baggage forces travelers to wait for long in the lounges. Many people struggle to access bathrooms in Luton Airport.

5.    Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Billy Bishop is also known as Toronto Island Airport. It is strategically located on the waterfront. But, the airport has limited beverage and food options. Also, its poor service makes it have a low ranking in Canada.

6.    Santorini International Airport (JTR)

Santorini Airport often has one international departure lounge. Also, three international flights depart from the airport at once. But, Santorini International Airport is understaffed and it has limited space thus having crowded gates.

7.    Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Seattle/Tacoma is among the top American airports with a high number of departing travelers. Statistics state that 58,603 passengers depart from it each day. Besides, it is difficult to reach the gate during peak hours.

8.    London Stansted Airport (STN)

In the past, many travelers who were waiting for their flights slept on the floor of London Stansted Airport. But, its management banned passengers from sleeping in waiting lounges. The airport has limited seating, cold temperatures, poor signage, and rude staff.

9.    Juba International Airport (JUB)

Juba International Airport is among the largest airports in Sudan. It is located in an insecure area and has rude staff. The airport recently opened a new terminal that replaced some tents. Yet, it has limited space and it offers poor services.

10. Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC)

Many travelers have criticized Dhaka Hazrat Airport for its poor hygiene standards. Armed soldiers harass and ask for bribes from passengers. Furthermore, the airport has long queues, limited food options, and rude staff. It is advisable to carry a bug repellent as the airport is heavily infested with mosquitoes.

Most international airports have better facilities than domestic airports. Each year, hundreds of thousands of voters take part in the Readers’ Choice Awards survey to choose the best and worst airports worldwide. The Detroit Metro Airport, London Gatwick Airport, , London Luton Airport, and the Juba International Airport are among the worst airports this year. It is advisable to avoid them when your flight delays.

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