You’ll Be Hannover Heels In Love With This German City

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I know, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist the pun! The good news is that Hannover really is one of the best German cities to visit. For a multitude of reasons. In fact, you can find out all about the must-see sights, the best thing to do, and the best grub and beer to guzzle as well. All in my post below.

Getting to, and around Hannover

Hannover is not a difficult city to get to. In fact, if you choose to drive from destinations in mainland Europe such as Belgium or the Netherlands, it is likely only to take you around 4-5 hours max. Alternatively, Hannover also hosts an international airport with flights arriving from locals all over the globe, including the UK. 

Of course, if you do decide to drive, then there are a few things that you need to know before you make your trip. The first is that if you are crossing a national border, you will need to have a valid passport, whether there is an immigration point there or not.

Additionally, Hannover is one of the many German cities that requires a umweltzones pass. That is a sticker on your car that demonstrates that it can be driven within an ecozone. This being something that covers most of the city.

Of course, if you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, then you should have little problem securing such as pass. Although those with diesel cars will not be allowed. Something that means you will need to make alternative plans for city travel such as public transport or hiring a car.

Where to stay

Once you have worked out how you will get to the city of Hannover, you will want to find some accommodation. In fact, there is quite a broad range of accommodation available here, including air BnBs for a reasonable price.

You will also find plenty of budget hotels as well, such as the Ibis Hannover City and the Central-Hotel Kaiserhof. Both properties being within under 6 miles from the airport and offering clean double or twin rooms.

Of course, if you are looking for an experience of authentic Hanoverian life, then a stay in one of the guesthouses that offer B&B may be much more to your liking.

Sights to see

After arranging the essentials like travel and accommodation, your mind will no doubt turn to how to spend your time during your trip to Hannover. In particular, there are some sights that should absolutely not be missed in this city. Not least the ornate and spectacular architecture that you will find an abundance of.

In fact, the Neues Rathaus or New Town Hall on Trammplatz in the city centre is a marvelous building topped with turrets and domes. Although you may be surprised to discover that it was built in 1913. However, this masterpiece that is still in use as a town hall today was designed to fit in with the Wilhelm II style, which is very evident from even first glance. The best thing about this site is that it’s free to enter. Also, by climbing to the top of the dome, you can get some of the best views of the whole city.

Of course, the New Town Hall is not the only piece of impressive architecture that Hannover has to offer. In fact, around 30 km outside of the city, you will find Marienburg Castle or Shloss Marienburg as it’s known locally. A Gothic revival castle that is impressive, as it is large.

Then back within the city confines, you will find the imposing 14th-century Marktkirche church and the column fronted Leineschloss. The latter being the current residence of the state parliament. Although you will find that access is strictly limited to the outside of the building.

Things to do

When visiting Hannover you will find not only plenty of places to visit and sights to see, but also lots of fun activities and entertainment to amuse yourself as well.

One place in particular that you will not want to miss is the 22 hectares that makeup Hanover Zoo. A site that is home to a myriad of exotic animals includes lions and elephants. There is even a fun sea lion show to take in that proves popular with kids and adults alike.

Then there is the festival site that is the Schützenplatz Hannover. A place where you can expect exhibitions, festivities, fairs, and all sorts of entertainment to happen regularly. Just be sure to check their official website to find out what is on during your stay.

The best beer and grub (& where to find them)

Finally, when it comes to exploring Hannover, food and drink are an essential part of the experience. Happily, there is plenty to try in this German city. For more traditional Deutsche fare, places like Bavarium and Spaetzle Haus are your best best. With the former serving up authentic Bavarian-style treats such as meat platters, pork knuckles, and plenty of beer to wash it down with.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more refined, than there is a wide selection of fine dining restaurants. One in particular that gets rave reviews is Handwerk. A modern style eatery, offering a range of fusion dishes such as arctic trout and pork cheek. Be warned though this place works on a tasting menu only and the smallest option is 4 courses!

Finally, once you have a full belly or if you are brave even before, you will want to sample some of the best beer around. Happily, Hannover will be able to oblige here with shops like Craft Beer Lager dedicated to selling their local fare.

Another great option is Brauhaus Ernst August on Schmiedestraße. Which stay open until 3am in the morning serves pleasing on tap German beer, and offers reasonably priced food as well. Something that is excellent news as a stein of beer or two goes down smooth, but will go to your head quick too! Therefore eating along with your beer-drinking will ensure you won’t be too hungover to carry on exploring Hannover the next day!

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