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Five must-see attractions on Route 66


The legendary Route 66 is one of the greatest driving routes in the world, spanning no fewer than eight US states and taking you across the width of America from east-to-west. And if you’re travelling by car, you can make the most of it regardless of the weather forecast! First opened in 1926, Route 66 […]

Tips on aceing your Visa interview – The most important things you need to know


Photo credit: Ian Halsey Passport Stamps_Earlsdon_Coventry_Mar17 via photopin (license) Getting your Visa is crucial to your entire holiday traveling plans or at least a portion of your global tour schedule. While many claim that getting your Visa isn’t as hard, thing can be quite different when it comes to having your nerves and emotions work […]

Smartphone Essentials for International Travel


Planning a trip abroad? With smartphones and technology constantly changing, it can be hard to figure out your calling, texting and data options for foreign travel. Check “figure out phone stuff” off your to-do list with these cell phone tips for your next international trip. Service Options While some travelers will choose to turn on […]

Best Things to do in Hawaii


America’s youngest state is often a forgotten state given that it is so far off the coast of the US mainland. Seasoned travellers know that Hawaii is a gem, though. Hawaii consists of a chain of hundreds of volcanic islands that cover more than 1500 miles in the central Pacific Ocean. Hawaii’s biggest draw is […]