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Awesome Things to do in 2019


Photo credit: Marine Explorer Aquaman #marineexplorer via photopin (license) With 2019 on the horizon, it is time to start developing plans to make it as memorable as possible. Here are some activities choicely picked out for the free spirits and adrenaline junkies. Scuba in Cuba Any scuba diving buff will be aware of places such […]

Relaxing Destinations for a Scenic & Tranquil Break


Photo credit: Koh Samui Chaweng Beach Center サムイ島チャウエンビーチ中央 (3) via photopin (license) Sometimes all it takes to make some sense of life is a vacation in a scenic and peaceful place. Here are some of the most relaxed destinations in the world, ideally suited for a scenic & tranquil break – Thailand Every tourist […]

Europe’s Best Party Cities


There are many reasons to visit Europe. Beautiful beaches, snowy mountains, stunning historical architecture and modern, cosmopolitan cities – this continent has it all. It is also home to many famous party destinations and yearly music festivals that attract revelers from all over the world. For some, picking a place with a lively nightlife scene […]

Only in Norway…some lessons I’ve learned from living up here


At the time of tapping this out I’d been living here in Trondheim, central Norway for the best part of 14 years. I’ve now been here nearly 20, and decided to revisit this classic post before I write more on this subject. It’s been quite a roller-coaster ride as most of you know, but during […]

26 tips for staying fresh on long-haul flights


Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc I love flying. It doesn’t matter whether my next trip is a domestic flight lasting under sixty minutes or an eight-hour transatlantic adventure; I still get a buzz when driving to the airport. Nevertheless, longer flights do present a number of challenges and ironically the fact that I […]