Bonny Scotland, And What To Do When You Get There

The reasons to visit the wonderful country of Scotland are numerous. There is the wild open spaces, the food, the culture and the comedy. In fact, sometimes it can seem like the is too much to pack into a weekend or even a week break! Luckily, if you are planning a visit to bonny Scotland anytime soon, you’ll find some advice on the best bits below.

Visit Nessy

Whether you believe in the myth of the monster or not, Loch Ness is definitely a place that is worth a visit. Scotland’s second deepest loch, some hopefuls believe that there is a forgotten aquatic dinosaur haunting its waters. With eight official sighting to date, you may just be the lucky 9th person to catch a glimpse of this not so wee beasty too!

Try your look at spotting Nessy.

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Although, if you are less keen on the cryptozoology side of things you may wish to spend your time in Loch Ness appreciating the ruins, chateau and amazing wilderness that surround the area. Just don’t forget to have a camera handy, just in case!

Laugh your socks off

If you happen to be planning your trip in the month of August, then you could do a lot worse than to head straight for the city of Edinburgh.

The biggest reason for this is that is the time that the world famous comedy festival runs. Something that means you can get to see your favourite comics as well as some of the up and coming talents within the field. With lots of fringe activities based around the festival as well, the party atmosphere pretty much takes over the whole city centre, making it a truly fab time to visit.

Although, it is worth noting that, as this things to do in Edinburgh guide suggests, there are many places to see and experience even when the festival isn’t running. These including the somewhat stunning and majestic Edinburgh Castle.

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You can tour the building, or time your visit to include one of the many events that are hosted at this location, including the famous military tattoo, or one of the many concerts. El Divo and Bananarama being just some of the act booked to play there in 2018.

Have a wee dram

Scotland is well known for its whisky production, so much so that they named a type after it! That means if it’s Scotch you are after, then you must pay a visit to one of the many distilleries that you will find here. You can even do road trips and tours of the country that are based specifically around the distilleries if that is your thing.

Although, if you want to sample, rather than embrace this aspect of Scottish life, you may be best off heading to the Isle of Skye to see where Talisker is made. Alternatively, if you are limited on time try Perth for the Famous Grouse Experience.

Just remember that, although you will learn a lot about the whisky making process on these tours, you will also get the chance to taste a few as well. So do organise your transport accordingly!