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Anxiety vs travel: 4 ways you can take on your travel anxiety and win!


If you have the desire to travel the world and find yourself daydreaming about distant lands and discovering new cultures, then you shouldn’t let anything stop you from turning your dreams into a reality. However, if you suffer from anxiety, then it’s easier said than done. New and unfamiliar places, potentially stressful situations, travelling alone […]

Top 5 Must-See Attractions In Seattle


Seattle hosts more than 36 million visitors every year. Nestled along the rugged and magnificent shores of the Pacific Northwest, this modern and wild city has been nicknamed the Emerald City. Embracing the modern culture while keeping close to its aboriginal ties, Seattle is a great mixture of style and nature. There is so much […]

Top Tips For Visiting London


Image Credit License CC0 London is a city that has everything that you can imagine on offer. Home to around eight million people, it is a sprawling metropolis that is best navigated using a mixture of leg work and the fantastic underground system.  You’ll find history and tradition meeting commerce, retail and culture in […]