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From one extreme to the other – Finland to Dubai (with 12 days in between)

2015-01-22 12.29.30

One of the many benefits of publishing this website is of course the travel it involves – and more specifically the variety of trips I get to take. Sometimes the contrasts offered by visiting two different destinations in a short period of time are somewhat extreme – and 2015 has started with a classic example… […]

Our next big adventure starts next week – Zimbabwe


Today we’re really excited to be able to share some details about our next amazing trip. Next week Grown-up Travel Guide returns to Africa! You’ll be able to keep up with my journey by following the #zimbabwesafari2014 hashtag on social media (Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Instagram etc.) and of course right here. In what promises […]

American Airlines/US Airways merger – the world’s largest airline is born


Image (c) American Airlines/US Airways Given that we dedicated quite a lot of space to using US Airways Dividend Miles in two recent articles, it seemed a good idea to post this latest update regarding the merger with American. You will also find details of the planned changes to the frequent flyer schemes and note […]

Don’t miss the giant LEGO SnowGlobe in London this Christmas


It’s a modern Juletide tradition we’ve come to love – the LEGO installations in London. Not content to merely repeat previous works of art such as 2011’s LEGO Christmas tree at St Pancras station or last year’s advent calendar in Covent Garden, Duncan Titmarsh and the Bright Bricks team have surpassed themselves for 2013. Ladies and gentlemen, […]

Advertising on air traffic control towers – why did nobody think of that before?


Image (c) The Medford city council in Oregon, USA (where else?) has recently given its seal of approval for vast banner adverts to be placed on all sides of the airport’s air traffic control tower. Good, I mean airports are SO non-commercial, right? This isn’t actually as mercenary as it sounds. They are hoping […]