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Not to be missed – what to see and do in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In response to numerous appeals from first-time visitors to various destinations we’ve caved in to the pressure and decided to publish a series of articles highlighting the popular sights actually worth your time in a given city. The tourist traps, you mean? Well, yes and no. Many of the places we cover will be the […]

The Sweden Solar System – the largest model of our planetary system in the world

This is a guest post by Maria Kruk with additional material by Andy Higgs Image from Wikipedia commons (c) Einarspetz Unbeknown to most, Sweden hosts the world’s biggest model of our planetary system which stretches across the country and provides and interesting travel route for hardcore science fans or other interested visitors. The smaller models of planets are […]

Hotel review: Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast, Florida, USA

This article is part sixteen of the series “Trip diary: Three weeks on the road in Florida” Teaser: New series starts this week Introduction: A three week road trip around Florida, June-July 2013 Hotel review: Park Inn Oslo Airport Flight report: Lufthansa New Business Class Frankfurt to Miami First impressions – a Limey driving in […]

Licence to travel – following James Bond around the world: From Russia With Love

After the fabulous ‘Skyfall‘, the world is holding its breath for the 24th James Bond film, ‘Spectre’ coming out in November, perfectly timed for my birthday as is tradition An essential element of the appeal of the early movies remains in place today – the use of exotic foreign locations. In this series we’ll be returning […]

Jet Setting With Your Kids – Tips for Travelling With Your Family

Photo credit: Mathilde sleeps at 36,000 feet (over the North Atlantic) via photopin (license) For many new parents, traveling with kids might seem like an insurmountable challenge. The thought of trying to juggle car seats, luggage, strollers, diaper bags, AND babies turns many families off to even the idea of travel. However, travelling with kids […]