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Flight report: Lufthansa A380 New Business Class Frankfurt to Johannesburg

Image by Lasse Fuss (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Introduction You may recall that I redeemed airline points last year when I took my first trip to Southern Africa. The long leg of that trip was on Lufthansa’s A380 monster from Frankfurt to Johannesburg and I enjoyed myself immensely, despite the fact […]

Unmissable Festivals and Events in Cyprus

  Image (c) Sergey Galyonkin obtained under Creative Commons license via Flickr     January – June   Carnival Limassol, Cyprus February – March Carnival is celebrated in all areas of Cyprus, but Limassol is where it is at its most entertaining and lively. The streets are filled with decadent floats which are themed and decorated, while […]

Arizona: history and culture in the desert

Photo credit: IMG_9037_1 via photopin (license) Arizona has a rich past, and if you are looking for a destination that provides culture with history, the Grand Canyon state may be just the place you are looking for. The history of Arizona originates with Native American tribes, which first settled in the area some 15,000 years […]

Dining etiquette around the world

Anyone who travels a lot will know that it’s essential to learn about the basic cultures and etiquette of that country before travelling. Many tourists will simply go on holiday without even learning basic language for that country. It’s made even worse when you’re eating somewhere and you manage to offend the waiting staff. It’s […]