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Idyllic Destinations To Visit This Winter

pexels-photo-59519 When you decide to travel, what spurs on your choice? Is it the desire for new experiences or the calling of other cultures? Or maybe it’s something entirely different. When your hometown gets cold, dark and depressing, your wanderlust kicks up a notch, and you find yourself planning a vacation once again. Winter trips […]

Flight report: SAS Business Class Copenhagen to San Francisco


Photo credit: wbaiv SAS Airbus A-340 touchdown SFO DSC_0737 (1) via photopin (license) I know, you were probably thinking that it had been blissfully quiet on the Business Class bragging front recently but I’m afraid this post is going to shatter the peace. After being banished to the rear of the plane for an eternity […]

Things to do in Marylebone


Marylebone is an area in Central London; it is located within the City of Westminster and part of London’s West End District and as with many parts of Central London there are lots of different things to see and do.  Marylebone has long been considered a fashionable part of the city with many famous faces […]

London for Thrill Seekers


Whether you have visited London before or you are a first-timer, when it comes to planning things to do there are usually some attractions which crop up repeatedly.  London is famed for its rich history, culture and heritage and we would certainly recommend making time to see some of the better-known attractions such as the […]

Will You Go to the Dark Side?


Unless you have lived your entire life under a rock, you will be familiar with the movie franchise Star Wars. Love it or hate it, it has become one of the greatest film series of our time and has an incredibly strong following all over the world with quotes from the film also becoming part […]

Secret spots to shop at in London


London is not just famous for its iconic attractions and entertainment hot spots, it is also equally well known for its fabulous shopping venues and markets. In terms of shopping it vies with New York, Paris and Tokyo as being one of the most popular shopping destinations for visitors and tourists from all over the […]

5 of the Trendiest Markets in London


London has a wonderful market scene and there are hundreds of markets which take place all over the city throughout the week.  Not only are these markets great places for locals to shop for their weekly produce but they are also excellent places for visitors and tourists to head if they want to pick up […]