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Antarctica is now a wedding destination


Photo credit: ThoroughlyReviewed Glacier – via photopin (license) In the past, an Antarctica travel experience was available exclusively to intrepid travellers looking for a unique, breathtaking location off the beaten track. These days, anyone can travel to this remote region, even those in search of the ultimate wedding destination. If you ever thought that […]

India – a land for the adventurous


Photo credit: Konkan Railway train ride in Maharashtra via photopin (license) India has been described as an incredible country and truly lives up to its reputation. From the lofty peaks of the Himalayas in the north to its southernmost tip Indira Point in the Andaman Sea, it is a spectacular landscape steeped in thousands […]

Why Japan is the obvious choice for adventurous expats

Japanese Temple

There are obvious destinations for expats considering an international relocation, such as Australia, which is made clear by the 1.2 million UK citizens who moved there in 2016. However, there are also overlooked destinations to consider, and which may offer just as rewarding experience. One such country is Japan. Japan’s capital is the largest metropolitan […]

4 Quirkiest Bars in Melbourne


Melbourne’s nightlife is nothing like anything else in the world. From sexy Jazz clubs to comic lounges, to island-vibe tiki bars, there’s something for everybody — even the ones with the quirkiest tastes. So if you’re looking for a little more than just your average sports pub or bar, here are some of Melb’s quirkiest […]