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Something for the weekend – Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre, Sweden

I’ve been meaning to reboot this series of articles for some time as I realise that not everyone (myself included) has the opportunity to travel to Japan every week. On the other hand, taking a short break every now and again is within the reach of most readers of this site and can be just as […]

7 Must Have Items for Any Beer Connoisseur

Photo credit: Beertaccini 2014 – Weiss E+G – IMG_0123 via photopin (license) If you know a beer connoisseur and you’re looking for the perfect gift, then end your search here because I’ve got you covered with this inspired (if I do say so myself) compilation of beer-related gifts. Give the beer lover in your life […]

Wonderful Things to See and Do in France

When talking about travel Proust implied it wasn’t the destination that mattered, but how we perceive it. And this is an excellent way to approach the concept of travel and holidays. How we experience something often matters more than where we go. It’s about what we look for and our state of mind when we […]

The German Wurst Adventure: Part Six – Munich

This article is the final part of the series “The German Wurst Adventure” “Teaser” with original itinerary The German Wurst Adventure: Part One – Berlin The German Wurst Adventure: Part Two – Weimar The German Wurst Adventure: Part Three – Erfurt The German Wurst Adventure: Part Four – Nuremberg The German Wurst Adventure: Part Five – Coburg The German Wurst […]

No Lift Needed: Cross Country Skiing at Mont Tremblant

Photo credit: Langlauf 2 via photopin (license) Sure, Mont-Tremblant’s an amazing hub–one of Canada’s finest–for topnotch downhill skiing and snowboarding. But the fun’s not confined to the Laurentian runs: far from it. In Mont-Tremblant National Park, you’ve got stunning backcountry to explore on cross-country skies or snowshoes: forays into silent woods that provide a blissful […]