3 Easy Ways to Pack Light for Your Next Trip


Whether you travel for business or pleasure, less baggage can make your time on the road easier and less stressful. Cut down on the luggage and increase your on-the-fly mobility with these simple travel tips.

The Bag

First, pick one, and only one, bag. If you travel by plane, this bag is preferably a carry-on. You may think this will limit your choices of what you pack — it will, but in a good way. Consider a bag that is built for this very circumstance. You want to travel light, but you need enough room for clothes, toiletries, your tech gear, and some extra space for items you may pick up during your trip. The Rick Steves’ Convertible Carry-On is a large bag that can act as a backpack, shoulder bag or duffel. It’s specifically designed as a carry-on, and is just small enough to fit in the overhead bin. It’s got zippers all around it for easy access to each compartment and even has a separate section for shoes or dirty clothes. While this pack might seem bulky for a carry-on, you’ll be amazed how well it fits on an airplane.


Theft is always a worry when traveling. It’s important that you not leave cash or cards in your baggage, as that’s the first item thieves pounce on. In fact, remove most of your cash from your wallet, as well as all your cards. Instead, store these in a money belt that fits under your clothing. This way, if your wallet is stolen by a pickpocket, the thief doesn’t reap much reward.

Another option is to rely on digital pay options like Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay can be found on all of the newest Samsung smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. This form of digital payment lets you load your credit and debit card information onto your phone; then, just swipe your smartphone using any accepting card reader. Of course, not all merchants and stores have card readers that support Samsung Pay, so play it safe and take at least one card with you wherever you go.

Clothes to Carry

While the travel bag will likely carry most of what you need, you can also make use of your clothing in the packing process. Store your phone or tablet in a large pocket of your jacket as well as odds and ends like toiletries, a water bottle and snacks. Also consider convertible pants. With zippers at the knees, these pants can zip off when you get hot. This saves on space in your luggage as packing both articles won’t be as important.

Cityslips are shoes that actually fold up. They were originally created for women who wanted an extra pair of shoes with them when they wore high heels. Sidekicks are an alternative to this brand, but both function in the same way. The heels are flexible enough so the toes of the shoes can be folded up and into the heel. While these may not be the best shoes for a formal dinner, they’ll be great for anyone who wants some comfort after the party.

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Andy Higgs

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