3 Must Visit Destinations in a Trip to Saudi Arabia



Looking for a cool destination to go to on your next vacation. Whether it is your first time traveling out of a western country, visiting the east is not a bad idea—especially if you want to experience a culture that is way different from what you are used to.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an excellent destination, especially if you are looking to experience an entirely different culture. A word of warning, though, drinking is banned in this conservative Islamic country. Still, because it is a beautiful country filled with exciting adventures—people wouldn’t find the urge to drink alcohol anyway. Plus, Saudi Arabia is a kid-friendly travel destination, meaning it could definitely pass for your much-needed family holiday.

But before you get on your Saudia Airlines flight to Saudi Arabia, make sure you come prepared, get your Visas, entry permits, and pack accordingly. Also, flights to Saudi Arabia can be a long trip, depending on where you are coming from—so make sure you keep yourself entertained during the journey and enjoy the destination!

Here are the top 3 places you must visit when you travel to Saudi Arabia:

#1 The Edge of The World

This stunning location literally looks like the edge of the world. It is a vast area of water that doesn’t seem to end. It is an endless view of the ocean, which is very mind-blowing to look at, and both tourists and local residents from cities like Riyadh enjoy going on weekend trips to this place—not just because of the stunning view, but because there are also other activities you can do at the edge of the world.

You can go hiking, relaxing, and basically unwinding after a long week of work—at least for the locals. The sight is truly other-worldly, and if you enjoy unique views, make sure you bring a camera so you can cherish the moment even when you get back home from your trip.

#2 The Capital City of Riyadh


Riyadh is indeed a unique city that is rich in architecture, culture, and heritage. It wasn’t always a modern city, though. Riyadh has grown from being a small tribe settlement, and it is pretty amazing how it became one of the wealthiest and busiest cities in the Middle East and the world.

It is a city where you can fully immerse yourself with the local lifestyle and culture. You can visit the tallest building in Saudi Arabia, which is the Al Faisaliah Centre. Not only is it tall, but this skyscraper’s design is absolutely stunning. Every detail, including the enormous glass ball on top, makes it so unique, which is truly a delight to look at.

Aside from dining, exploring, shopping—Riyadh is an excellent place to learn about the birthplace of Saudi Arabia from its museums. You can also take your family to the largest desert park if you are traveling with kids.

#3 Explore the Ruins

Now that you have gone to the sea and enjoyed the modern city of Riyadh, it’s time to dive deep into Saudi Arabia’s culture and heritage by visiting ruins of thousand-year-old temples, villages, and palaces. These sights indeed show how Saudi Arabia was a country that is rich in history. Civilization began in this city a thousand years back, and it is very fulfilling to see thousand-year-old artifacts and ruins with your own eyes.

You can go to the Al Ula Ruins, which is a common destination for tourists visiting the country. It features a lot of natural rock formations as well as ancient architecture. The sights of these ruins are perfect for adventure seekers and history buffs. Just being in these places is a very different experience, and you will definitely feel the chills!

Make the Most of Your Saudi Arabia Trip

If you have time, you can also explore places like the Al Ahsa Oasis and the Southern Mountains of Asir or the Jordan River. These places are truly remarkable and very relaxing to look at. The southern mountains are green country, which is an excellent alternative to exploring the desert. Overall, Saudi Arabia is a country that you cannot visit just once, and you will probably come back for more.


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