4 Reasons to Choose a Bareboat Charter

If you’re a keen sailor, you might be wondering how you can try something new and exciting. While it’s great to have a fully-fledged crew when you’re at sea, there’s nothing quite like a bareboat charter.

Opting for a bareboat with 12knots will provide you with a brand-new experience like never before. Despite its misleading name, a bareboat charter doesn’t come completely bare! Onboard, you’ll find all of the tools and equipment that you need for safe sailing.

The term bareboat refers to the fact that you have no crew members. Instead, you’ll be the captain of the yacht and you’re in full control of its course at sea.

This might sound scary but we’re going to give you four reasons to choose a bareboat charter over a traditional yacht with a full team.

4 Reasons to Choose a Bareboat Charter

Here are some of the many reasons why a bareboat charter should be your top choice on your next yachting trip (and any future trips as well).

  1. You’re in control of your course

When you’re in a bareboat charter, you can decide exactly where you want to go. You won’t need to follow the directions set by a captain. Instead, you can choose your course at sea and pick your final destination.

There are so many stunning islands across the world that you can visit in a bareboat charter. If you’ve got a bucket list of travel destinations, you might be able to tick them all off your list in a single trip! 

  1. You can gain confidence at sea

With a bareboat charter, you are the captain. You’re in control of the boat, and although this might feel daunting at first, it’s a great way to perfect your sailing skills.

You can board the boat along with your family members and throw yourself in at the deep end (no pun intended!). You’ll be able to use all of your prior knowledge and expand upon your existing skillset by taking full control of the boat.

  1. You can bond with your family

In the private environment of your own bareboat charter, you can spend quality time with your loved ones as you sail the seas. You’ll be able to admire the stunning ocean views together and share unforgettable experiences in a variety of places.

If you’ve got children, you can get them involved in the sailing fun. They can become a part of the crew and hold the helm to steer the yacht in a new direction. This encourages new learning and teamwork in a fun and unique setting. 

  1. You can enjoy extra privacy

A bareboat charter will provide ultimate privacy if you want to enjoy a vacation exclusively with your loved ones. You can fully relax in the presence of your trusted family members and escape the business of the world.

Being on a crew-free yacht enables you to create your own paradise. You can get conformable, wind down, and make the most of a peaceful vacation at sea.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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