4 Reasons why you should Plan a Couple’s Vacation in 2021

Every couple planning a vacation without the kids feels guilty and worries about the kids’ wellbeing when they are away. It’s a normal feeling, but taking some time to have fun with your significant other is essential for a healthy relationship. Your happiness affects your children, and when you are happy, the home is more peaceful, and everyone is more relaxed.

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The first vacation is the hardest, especially if the kids are young, but with time, you get used to spending some time together, even when it’s just for the weekend. One great destination that should be on your bucket list is Singapore. Apart from great outdoor activity, you can check into a property for rent, which may be cheaper than paying for a hotel room.

You will have more space for yourself, and there is much more to do privately, like preparing your meals, exercising, inviting friends, and enjoying privacy. Sometimes you may want to undertake personal hobbies; your husband may want to listen to loud music while you want to take a nap. With a spacious rental, you can each stay in separate rooms for the much needed personal time. You’ll also have a more flexible itinerary because you don’t have to follow a hotel’s meal plans or activities.

Why should you plan to have a couples’ vacation?

1.      You Bond More

It’s not easy to spend quality time together with all the family and work responsibilities around. When you take a trip together, you forget everything else but yourselves. You can reignite your passions, do activities you both love and explore new places. Spending time together makes you talk more freely, you become better friends, and any resentment or hard feelings can get resolved. You become more intimate and happier, which translates to a healthier, more peaceful family.

2.      You Have More Freedom of Choice

It’s essential to have family vacations, but many parents put their needs aside and concentrate on making the children happier and comfortable. You choose more children friendly itineraries, and you are always there to ensure the kids are safe. Family vacations are really for the kids to have fun, but a couple’s trip is for you to enjoy and pamper yourself. You also get more time to focus on your spouse, something you don’t get to do often.

Additionally, you can eat in any hotel you want, sleep in, go to nightclubs, enjoy late-night diners without worrying about kids. You don’t have to stick to meal plans, and you choose more spontaneous activities. For instance, you can choose to skip some of your itinerary activities and stay indoors or try new, more exciting pursuits. Sleep is also a privilege many parents don’t have when at home. For once, you can sleep for more than three hours without checking the baby monitor or being woken up by an attention seeker. It’s also a time to recharge, talk about parenting issues without the urgency of taking care of the children, which helps you find concrete solutions and become better parents. 

3.      You Rediscover Yourself

It’s easy to get all your energy and focus on the responsibilities that come with parenting, but when on an extended vacation, you have enough time to reflect on your life, reignite your passions and have fun. Most stay-at-home moms have a chaotic schedule and don’t have the time to dress up, put on makeup, or the things that make them feel good.

Take this opportunity to pamper yourself. Go shopping, dress up, and be proud of yourself. Enjoy every moment, even when it’s a simple activity as a long uninterrupted shower.

4.      Cast all Worries to the Wind

If it’s your first time to be away from the kids, you may continuously worry or miss them. You might wonder whether they’ve had proper meals, if they need you, or if they are having a hard time coping.  For your peace and the kids’ safety, make sure you get a relative/sitter to stay with them. Also, give the caregiver a list of activities to follow and designate a specific time to talk to them.

The caregiver may not take care of the kids as you do, but as long as they are in safe hands, that’s all that matters. When anxiety creeps in, remind yourself why you choose the person to take care of the kids.

Being away also teaches kids to be more independent. Your children will learn how to solve their disputes, be more confident and responsible. The first time alone might be challenging, but they’ll learn to accept and adjust as they grow older.

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