5 Countries to Include When Traveling Across Europe by Train

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Traveling across Europe is quite popular and there are definitely a lot of people who have tried hopping from one country to another by train. With so many convenient options such as getting an global eurail pass from Rail Europe, it would be easier to see much of the continent even if you have a limited budget. You don’t need to be filthy rich to make the trip as you will not spend a fortune with a train pass that takes you around various European countries. Here are some suggested stops to make and what to do there to make the most out of your European continent trotting.

Austria: Although this is a small country, it has much to offer. Vienna is a tranquil but charming capital which is home to globally renowned museums such as the one in Museumsquartier. The architecture in the place is also amazing and you can easily get around the area by trains. If you are up for a quieter environment, you should head to smaller towns in the country which is nestled on hillsides and valleys.

Belgium: For travelers, this place is quite an easy place to navigate due to the size of the area. Needless to say, do not underestimate the place as you can get more per square mile here than in other places in the continent. The cities and towns are all beautiful especially when you focus on historical stops. While here, be sure to visit Brussels which proclaimed itself as the Capital of Europe and it serves as the headquarters of NATO and the European Union. Go on a cruise on Ghent and Bruges canals and stop by the majestic Grande Palace. If you are in for funky restaurants, bars and numerous festivities, Antwerp which is such a cool capital is the place to be.


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Denmark: Another stop which is quite popular when you are in for a trip to Europe is Denmark. The capital city Copenhagen is quite popular. If fun fair is something that you are looking forward, the Tivoli Pleasure Gardens is a must and another stop that is a must visit is the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid which is one of the tragic heroine’s in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale. For a view of the awesome architecture, visit the Amalienborg, a group of 4 Rococo palaces and there’s the Christiansborg Palace which dominates Slotsholmen.

Croatia: The beautiful city of the Mediterranean and the view of the Adriatic Sea are just two of the reasons why this country is ideal for a quick getaway. The country is also home to gorgeous beaches and despite the modernization, the old flair is still there. The alluring aura and the welcoming people add charm to the country. While in Croatia, you can go to a small city known as Dubrovnik which is in the southernmost part of the country for a beach getaway. For those who are into cultural masterpieces, Pula is the ideal city and you can pay a visit to the Arena of Pula, a grand amphitheater and there’s the Temple of Augustus.

Ireland: Ireland is definitely a good place to visit and it is great for coastal drives and literary pub tours. While here, be sure to go on a pub crawl in Dublin and you can mix literary adventures with entertainment and at the same time, enjoy your drink. Another point of interest is the Dingle Peninsula which is Europe’s most westerly point. This place also has the greatest concentration of monuments in the country plus the scenery here is really amazing.

Europe has a lot of cool countries which would be perfect for travelers who are in search of adventure. These are just some of the countries that you can visit but you can go for more stops with a global pass. As long as you make plans in advance, you will surely squeeze more into your European tour.


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