5 Las Vegas Hot Spots For Sports Lovers

Las Vegas has something to offer everyone. From nightclubs and sports venues to helicopter tours and more, this is a must visit location for the travel enthusiast or weekend adventurer. Here we’ve put together a list of five of the best sports hotspots the city has to offer, so you can include your love of the game in your travel plans.

1. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Gear up, race fans! This motor speedway is home to some of the biggest races in the nation! If you’re a Nascar fan, this is a must visit for you! The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a 1,200-acre racing complex complete with four separate tracks.

Home to the Monster Energy Nascar Cup Racing Series, this track has seen some serious racing in its lifetime. Built in 1972, the track first started out as a drag strip, and oval tracks were added later on in order to host larger events.

There have been numerous racing records set at the LVMS, including a qualifying record for the Monster Energy series in 2016 by Kurt Busch.

The speedway also hosts dirt races and Indy car races, so you can find any type of event you might be looking for. If you’re in Vegas, this is the place to be if you’re a race fan!

2. The Thomas And Mack Center

For nearly 40 years, the Thomas and Mack Center has provided a high-quality venue for its tenants to experience excellence in live entertainment. Home to events such as the Monster Jam Finals, World Championship Boxing, and The NBA Summer League, this venue boasts a versatility that few can match.

Built in 1983, the stadium has seen some big names in the music industry pass through its doors. The maximum seating capacity sits at just under 20,000 occupants. That’s right, 20,000 people can sit comfortably in the stadium.

The facility also boasts around 30 VIP suites for those that want a more private enhanced experience. Sports fans everywhere will want to visit this massive stadium and see why it’s been the home of such memorable events.

If you’re not convinced yet, consider that in 2017, upon the opening of the NBA Summer League, the Thomas and Mack center had over 100,000 visitors in a ten day period. The venue has gained its reputation through excellence in service and an impressive stadium that will leave even the most ardent of sports fans in awe.

3. The Still Sports Bar

After the heat of the day has melted into the desert, it’s time to sit down for a beer with the guys (or gals) at one of Vegas’ premier sports bars, The Still. This is a unique Las Vegas sports bar, featuring 8,000 square feet of space, 27 TVs, and a refurbished Airstream Trailer that’s been renovated into a fully functioning modern kitchen.

The Still has a selection of over 50 craft beers and a great cocktail menu. The rustic style of this unique bar will leave you feeling relaxed and mesmerized as you enjoy your choice of basketball, football, or even UFC fights.

This rustic bar even offers a great menu of food to satisfy your hunger during your favorite games. Fill your belly with the best sliders, in house fries, grilled chicken sandwiches, tacos, and more. With endless options, you’re sure to make some incredible memories in this one of a kind sports bar.

4. Indoor Skydiving

Ever wanted to enjoy the sport of skydiving without having to jump from a plane? Vegas has a solution for the overly cautious among you. It’s called indoor skydiving, and it’s the only skydiving experience that doesn’t include jumping out of a plane.

Essentially, you’re suspended a few feet above the ground in a wind-suit and goggles by a giant propeller, boasting windspeeds of up to 120mph. You’re getting the freefall experience of dropping 15,000 feet from a moving plane ten feet off the ground.

At only $75 per person, this is not only a safer alternative to skydiving, but it’s also a lot cheaper. If you’re looking to try it out, check out Vegas Indoor Skydiving next time you’re in the city. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Exotic Car Racing

Vegas just wouldn’t be the same without the chance to get behind the wheel of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world. That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Exotics Racing experience.

If you’ve never driven a Lamborghini, this is your chance. Exotics Racing has the largest fleet of luxury sports cars in the industry, offering you a one of a kind chance to test your skills behind the wheel. You’ll be accompanied by a certified racing instructor, of course, to guide you in your quest for ultimate speed.

Whether your taste is luxury imports or domestics like the Corvette, you’re sure to make some memories at this unique racing experience. Best of all, most of the racing packages are under $300 for five laps…not bad for a once in a lifetime experience!

These Hotspots Should Be On Everyone’s List

We’d like to think that these locations are suitable for anyone looking to make some unique memories in Vegas. We chose the best sports hotspots so that you can enjoy more time racing, cheering, and falling in a wind tunnel. Next time you’re in Vegas, keep these great experiences in mind!

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