5 Safe Holiday Destinations in Africa and the Middle East


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North Africa and the Middle East have seen some terrible atrocities recently, but despite these troubles there are still a number of fantastic destinations which are safe to visit and offer the opportunity for an incredible holiday. Not only that, but you can see them in a much quieter period as many people are naturally concerned about travelling to the region. Here are 5 great places to visit where you can assure your safety and get some stunning sights all to yourself…

We would also like to suggest one more – Saudi Arabia. This country has recently opened up to tourism and is a hidden gem – you can get a Saudi Family Visit Visa so you don’t have to travel alone, too!

And what about Kuwait? Maybe not a traditional tourism destination, but a lot of us travel on business and this country is often high on the list. If so, you need to look into Kuwait Legislation too.


Morocco’s charm and variety continue to make it one of Africa’s most tantalizing tourist locations. Safe for travel, Morocco welcomes foreigners with a mix of Berber and Arabic hospitality, making a family holiday to Morocco viable option. Marrakech’s bustle is well known, and its souks and Jemaa el Fna street well loved. Up in the Atlas mountain ranges natural trails offer beautiful backdrops for active tourists enjoying their hiking or mountain biking. If you’re looking to enjoy the hot Mediterranean sun, Morocco’s coastal cities offer world-renowned golden, sandy beaches.


Not surprisingly, Oman makes it to the list of safe holiday destinations in the Middle East. Though not a democracy, this country has experienced a lot of stability. Though small, it is a very beautiful holiday destination, and amongst the most liberal in this region. Enjoy the country’s desert landscape, culminating in an expansive beachfront that is largely unsullied by modernity. Muscat, the seaside capital, is a true mix of Arabic tradition and excellent modern amenities, creating a unique balance for the tourist. However, if you are looking for something quieter, head outside the big city to the smaller, sleepy fishing towns where authentic Omani culture strongly thrives. You can also enjoy a quieter Oman by exploring the wonderful countryside and high mountain plateau of Jabal Akhdar. Enjoy sites such as the Bahla Fort, Al Alam Palace, Jabel Akhdar, Jabel Hafeet among many other places.


Namibia’s famous game scene makes it quite the charm. Home to a small population of 2.3 million, large swathes of the country remain under natural wildlife, especially in the imposing Namib desert. Though one of the driest places in Africa, this area is home to a vibrant desert flora and fauna, scattered with geographical features as well. Head over to the Etosha National park for game spotting, the grave Skeletal Coast National Park with its shipwrecked shores, the prohibited game reserve of Sperrgebiet, among many other interesting areas. You also have to try out Namibia’s prime beer selection, undeniably the best in Africa.


The Arab state of Jordan is one of the safest places to visit in the Middle East. It is no wonder that it has been a consistently attractive destination for tourists all around the world. A luxury break in Jordan will enable you to see world famous sites such as Petra, Ajlun Castle, Temple of Artemis along with Jordan’s other archeological and natural attractions in both comfort and style. For those who love history, this forms a great destination, while those who love nature still get their treat at places such as the Azraq Wetland Reserve, Ma’in Hot Springs, and Mount Nebo. You cannot forget the beautiful beach fronts on offer here as well! A luxury break in Jordan


The tiny country of Rwanda, affectionately called the “Land of A Thousand Hills” has a broken past, but a very bright future. Arguably the safest capital in East Africa, Kigali’s streets offer you an opportunity to enjoy this urban area’s reformed present. Indeed, Kigali’s hilly terrain and safe streets allow you an opportunity to wander, and you can visit the genocide sights to commemorate cruelty that will never be seen again here. Outside of the city, head to Lake Kivu’s shores for a day of lazing in natural beauty, and in the evening head over to a local disco for a great time.

While here, you have to go gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park. Trudge through jungle vegetation to witness these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat. So in demand is this activity, that you may have to book in advance to get the enviable permit. If you don’t get the opportunity, then visit Nyungwe and Akagera National Parks for safari treats.

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