5 Unique Destinations You Should Consider Adding To Your Travel List

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For some seeking out the unique, far-off holiday destinations is a priority when exploring what the world has to offer. There are many destinations in the world that often get missed as they’re considered unusual and at times potentially dangerous, however, you shouldn’t let this put you off jetting off to these destinations, you just need to take extra care.

If you’re someone who likes to go under the radar and discover pieces of history, learn about the locals and get off the beaten track. Safety is definitely a state of mind and you never let your fear keep you from travelling where possible.

You might worry about some destination because of the media or because of a bad reputation however if you use precautions and general knowledge of the area then you will be able to see places that you never thought possible.

Have a look below at some of the unusual destinations you could consider adding to your list:

El Salvador, Central America

El Salvador is both an affordable and unusual holiday destination. It’s often overlooked as a potential holiday destination as it’s the smallest in its region and it’s safety concerns. However, if you’re smart and avoid the troubled areas you can visit El Salvador whilst enjoying a tourist-free, friendly destination.

You can look forward to spending less than $10 a day on food, drink and transport. It’s suggested that you stay in one location and arrange tours to see this destination. El Salvador is rich in heritage, friendly locals and even has Mayan ruins.

Yazd, Iran

Home to the oldest community in Iran Yazd is one of the most unusual holiday destinations that you can visit. It boasts narrow lanes, and unusual adventures discovering Zoroastrianism culture. It’s classed as isolated a desert region but Persia has grown to acknowledge Zoroastrian community. 

You can enjoy hiking, reading and exploring the local Persian lifestyle by talking to and getting involved with local. There are countless reasons to visit Iran, one of them being the pure beauty of this destination. When travelling to Iran you need to make sure you get an Iran visa before travel.

Las Terrazas, Cuba

Often when you think of Cuba you instantly think about the beaches and the famous Havana however Cuba is considered as one of the more unusual destinations to visit, especially when you plan to stay in places like Las Terrazas. You can stay by the river and go horseback riding, what could be more perfect than that?

Just ninety Minutes away from Havana, Las Terrazas gives you a completely different experience of Cuba, you won’t find a beach or city here, it’s all about the mountains. The mountains are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You must be invited to live in this destination, however, tourists are welcome to visit and even hike through the mountains. With two lakes and a river to swim in it’s not likely that you will miss the beach, as even the local Cubans vacation here.

San Cipriano, Colombia

If you’re someone who enjoys the Americas then this is a destination to include on your travel list. This destination is famous for having an abandoned train track that leads to it, it’s being adapted for use by a motorbike with a wooden carriage. So it’s more the route to the destination rather than the actual destination that unusual with this one.

San Cipriano is also famous for its natural reserve which showcases the most crystalline waters you’ll ever likely see. The only way to get to the natural reserve other than hiking is to use the abandoned train track, some have even said that it’s dangerous as it goes through the middle of the jungle with no speed limit.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

If after a slow pace, amazing hikes and stunning beached then this is definitely the place for you. Most have considered visiting Rio De Janeiro, but neglect the little island of Ilha Grande. Ilha Grande is right next door to Rio De Janeiro, and you can travel there with a combination of boat and bus. You’ll experience a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many of the people who visit here rave about the quiet hikes and the little hidden beaches that are often empty, private beach anyone? This does mean that you need to be well prepared and have plenty of food and drink to last you the day. You most definitely won’t be passing any shops that for sure. There are, however, a few small towns with small clusters of restaurants and accommodations, meaning there is a bit of nightlife to enjoy too, but it still low key,

These five destinations are all unique and definitely worth a visit in their own right. Do you have any other unusual destinations that you share in the comments below?

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