6 beautiful beaches to visit in Cyprus


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If you’re looking for a safe, friendly holiday destination that welcomes families with open arms, don’t miss a trip to Cyprus.

Complete with luxury family hotels, sensational mountain ranges, delicious eateries and fascinating ruins it really is a great place for ages to enjoy – and if you want to relax by the coast? Then be sure to check out these six incredibly beautiful beaches.

  1. Protaras
    According to Trip Advisor, Cyprus has two of the top 25 beaches in Europe with the Protaras coastline coming in sixth on the list. Said to be the very best beach in Cyprus, its clean, clear waters and soft golden sands are certainly a hit with children and adults alike, so why not book a trip to this part of the world and see what all the fuss is about?
  2. Ayia Napa
    While Ayia Napa is well known for its clubs and bars, the beaches of this lively resort also rank among the best in Europe. Surreal, stunning, clean and tourist friendly, the 14 Blue Flag beaches of this region are nothing but sensational and are certainly a must-see if you’re in the area. Delicious restaurants also line the coast and if you’ve had enough of making sandcastles for one day you can even check out the wide range of water sports on offer.
  3. Lady’s Mile
    Going to the beach on a hot summer’s day will always be one of the best things to do in Cyprus, but if you’re in need of a perfect spot to set up camp – head to Lady’s Mile. Long stretches of golden sand and warm, shallow waters make it the ideal place to take the kids but what makes this part of Cyprus extra special is Captain Cabin’s water-based playground. As well as a slide in the sea there’s also a wide range of inflatables for them to jump and play on, making Lady’s Mile a hit with the youngsters.
  4. Lara Bay
    If you don’t want to share the Cypriot coastline with fellow tourists and would prefer to head off the beaten track, Lara Bay could be right up your street. Part of the Akamas Peninsula (one of the last remaining wilderness areas of Cyprus), Lara Bay is home to the precious Green Turtle which chooses this part of the Mediterranean to breed. While the fragile beauty of Akamas is always under threat from developers, at present it’s still a tranquil spot to enjoy. However, bear in mind it’s only easy to access if you have a 4×4 vehicle.
  5. Escape Beach
    Being a divided country, Cyprus has wonderful beaches on both the southern and northern parts of the island. While the four mentioned above are located down south, Escape Beach is found in the northern area of Kyrenia and is landscaped with grass, flowers and fauna – perfect for all those who can’t stand sand between their toes. The area is also equipped with a volleyball court, restaurants, party venues and water sport facilities and is well worth a visit.
  6. Karpaz
    The northern peninsula of Karpaz also offers miles of untouched beaches which are a playground for both adults and children alike. Ideal for anyone who appreciates nature in its rawest form, the coastlines here are rugged and quiet and while you might have to bring your own umbrella there’s plenty of space to run and splash around. In fact, as tourists tend to flock to more popular destinations packed with additional facilities, you might even feel like you’re visiting your own private beach.

If a beach holiday is what you want, then you cannot go wrong with the wonderful island of Cyprus.

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