6 of the Best Breakfast Joints in Mexico City

Tens of millions of tourists from all over the world find their way to Mexico each year, and it’s not hard to see why. Although many like to head to the coastal locations, Mexico City — the capital — is a modern, fast-paced metropolis that’s definitely worth your consideration.

A Visit to Mexico City Is Incomplete Without a Food Tour

Mexico City is a melting pot of cultures, something which has led to it becoming a gastronomic paradise. Travel sites and blogs celebrate it, and you’re unlikely to read any travel advice that doesn’t include details on the dishes you should sample. Alongside useful information about the destination such as how to get to and from the airport, you’ll see “sampling the cuisine” as one of its must-do activities.

It describes the city’s street vendors and fancy restaurants, as well as the European and American influences on the abundant flavours.

This is especially reflected in the city’s vibrant breakfast scene. From traditional Mexican dishes like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros to common international, you’ll never feel out of options here. In fact, there are so many different breakfast options that it can be hard to narrow it down, so we’ve put together a list of six top-notch breakfast joints you must consider the next time you’re in Ciudad de Mexico. Let’s get stuck in.

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1. Cafe La Habana

Situated in the trendy and historic heart of Colonia Roma, Cafe La Habana is a classic breakfast spot. The decor and vibe strike a balance between old-world charm and new, and this spot has been serving both tourists and locals for decades. 

Cafe La Habana is the place to go if traditional Mexican breakfast dishes are what you’re after. Their chilaquiles — tortilla chips lightly fried until they’re just soft, then smothered with green (verde) or red (roja) salsa — are a particularly good choice, often garnished with a sunny-side-up egg and crumbled queso fresco. Huevos rancheros is another popular item, featuring two eggs served sunny-side up on whole lightly fried corn tortillas.

Despite its location in one of Mexico City’s popular and upscale neighbourhoods, you won’t have to break the bank to dine here. There are many affordable options, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular among locals.

2. Domingo Santo Cafe

Next up is Domingo Santo Cafe, nestled in the centre of the Centro Historico region. Being right in the historically important part of the city makes perfect sense for this restaurant, given its focus on using flavours that are deeply rooted in traditional Mexican cooking methods.

Domingo Santo Cafe’s menu is best described as both diverse and delicious. Just like at Cafe La Habana, chilaquiles are a good choice. You’ll find this is a recurring theme at breakfast time in Mexico. Tamales are also worth consideration. These are steamed corn dough mixtures filled with various meats, cheeses, fruits, and chillies.

3. Cafe de Tacuba

Third on our list is another restaurant in Centro Historico, Cafe de Tacuba. This is a long-standing breakfast joint that has been serving patrons for over 100 years. Its colonial-era decor and combination of taste and tradition make it the perfect breakfast atmosphere.

Chilaquiles, tamales, enchiladas and all the traditional Mexican offerings you’d expect to find in the morning are on show here, with each dish staying true to its roots. Something else important to note is that despite its historical relevance and importance, Cafe de Tacuba has managed to remain very affordable. This has allowed it to be the perfect spot not just for special occasions, but also for those who are simply craving an affordable, traditional Mexican breakfast.

4. Lalo!

We now head back to the trendy Roma area, and enter the diverse and busy Lalo! This spot features a strong blend of different cultures and serves breakfast all day, and its modern vibe is perfectly at home in an upscale   like Roma.

One key benefit here is that they serve breakfast all day. If you’ve just landed and your body hasn’t adjusted to the time zone changes yet, a late afternoon breakfast at Lalo! might be exactly what you need. They also go beyond just traditional Mexican classics and have international food on offer, including their unique spin on French toast.

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5. Juana Juana

Not too far from Roma, we now head to another area popular among tourists: Condesa. Juana Juana provides a more intimate and cosy vibe, differing from some of the fast-paced and busy restaurants we’ve included so far.

Juana Juana is another breakfast joint that embraces an international approach to meal selection. If you often eat omelettes for breakfast, you can do that here. You can go for some hotcakes, grilled cheese, or even a burger. Rest assured that there’s something for every palate here.

As with all of the locations we’ve chosen today, the prices are very affordable. Despite the high quality of dishes, you won’t go broke having breakfast at Juana Juana. It should definitely be on your radar if you want a more casual, but still sophisticated experience.

6. Belmondo

Finishing up our list, we stay in the beautiful Condesa area, this time at Belmondo. This restaurant is an interesting fusion of Mexican and French cuisine, perfect for tourists who love to combine food and travel. The smell of freshly baked goods once you walk in the door may lead you to feel you’ve been transported to Paris.

Given the French influence, the croissants, quiches, and French toast are all breakfast options on the menu that you must try. The dedicated Belmondo team are up very early each morning preparing doughs and mixing batters for the day’s baking, and this commitment to quality shines through in each dish.

While still being fairly priced, Belmondo’s uniqueness has seen it become very popular. It’s not uncommon to see both tourists and locals queueing up early in the morning to savour their favourite pastries or secure a table during peak hours. Keep that in mind when you’re planning to visit.

Whether you’re heading to any of the popular destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula or famous Mayan cities like Palenque, make sure you save some time for the capital the next time you’re in Mexico. The breakfast options in Mexico City will allow you to not only sample different flavours and cooking styles from diverse cultures, but also give you the chance to experience important neighbourhoods with rich histories that will create long-lasting memories.

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