6 things to experience in Scotland

Picture Scotland and its easy to think of kilts, bagpipes and lots and lots of rain. But, there is in fact so much more to this beautiful country than its unfair stereotypes. Breathtaking scenery, bustling cities, a rich and exciting history and an incredible food scene all await you in this fascinating destination. For any trip to Scotland you’re going to need a raincoat, a good pair of walking boots and plenty of battery in your phone for all the incredible photo opportunities! You’ll have plenty of beautiful images to share on social media, to print and even stunning aluminium prints of your holiday photos to display around your house.

Read on for 6 things to experience in Scotland.

Discover Edinburgh Castle

This incredible fortress looks like something straight out of a Game of Thrones set, which is incredible considering it sits atop Castle Rock within the beautiful and vibrant city of Edinburgh. Constructed in the 12th Century ontop of an extinct volcano, this beautiful stronghold dominates the city skyline and the views from the top are simply stunning. This hugely popular monument receives millions of visitors each year!

Discover something exotic

Exotic plants and a tropical paradise don’t exactly spring to mind when we think of Scotland. But take a trip to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and you’ll be utterly amazed. Set amongst 72 acres of beautiful scenery, this famous attraction is a pleasure for the whole family – from 10 stunning glasshouses (all with their own temperature and climate) to over 3,000 exotic plants to discover, this gem is open all year round with a huge programme of activities and events taking place throughout the seasons. And admission to the garden is FREE!

Spot Nessie!

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of the legend that lives beneath the waters of Loch Ness? Quite possibly one of the most famous monsters (and loch’s) in the world, no trip to Scotland would be complete with a visit to Loch Ness with the hope of a glimpse of this mysterious creature. From hoaxes to history, you’ll find an abundance of tours and beautiful scenery to help set the scene.

Count the stars

Take a night trip to Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park and discover the beauty and wonder of an endless blanket of stars. This observatory allows visitors to view the galaxy and beyond with two telescopes, allowing you to see the night sky in a way you never thought possible.

Fall in love at Gretna Green

Since 1754 Gretna Green’s Blacksmith Shop has played host to secret marriages and been the destination of eloping couples. You’ll get to experience the entre history of this romantic location from letters and telegrams of eloping couples, to breathtaking memorabilia and artefacts from centuries gone by. And don’t forget to touch the famous anvil for good fortune in affairs of the heart.

Indulge in some culture

You simply cannot visit Scotland without visiting Glasgow, and the Galley of Modern Art. The gallery is completely free to enter and you can enjoy and indulge your inner critic by viewing the work of contemporary artists and some familiar classics.



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