7 Things To Carry To Make Travel Better And More Fun

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Planning a vacation and visiting a place you dreamed of for a long time is not only about booking a hotel and plane tickets. Every experienced traveller knows the main part, after saving the funds for your travel, is to know exactly what to pack in your suitcase to make your desired journey unforgettable. In a good way, of course.

Very often, it happens that you have had the extraordinary plans for your vacation, but a few omissions in your packing caused issues that just made your vacation the worst trip ever. That is why those who had similar accidents decide never to make similar mistakes, and they opt for making travel lists with the most essential things to carry in their luggage to make the travel better, more fun, and memorable.

However, not all the lists are the same, just like not every trip is the same. For that reason, one needs to have several lists, for business trips, for the short trips and for the long-desired vacations.

Your initial and first travel list will probably not be good enough, and by time, you will edit it, crossing the unimportant things, and adding some new, extremely significant accessories. Therefore, we bring you 7 things you should undoubtedly put in your suitcase for they will make your trip fun and far better.

  1. Umbrellas – One Of The First Accessories To Put In Your Suitcase

No matter how many times you have checked the weather forecasts, the weather can become your biggest enemy in case you don’t carry your umbrella. Forecasts can predict the weather quite correctly, but it may also happen that they made a mistake or that some changes in the atmosphere occurred, bringing rain to a place where you are staying for a holiday. Not having an umbrella will totally ruin your mood and possibly entire vacation.

How many times have you heard that a friend or a colleague travelled somewhere and got stuck with rain showers, not having an umbrella? At least several times, you have to admit. That is why saving some space in your suitcase for an umbrella will make you feel safer in the case of rain. Once you put the umbrella on your packing list, all you can do is to hope you will never use it while on a trip.

  1. Flashlights – Because You Never Know What May Happen

You may be surprised and ask why on Earth did we put the flashlight on the travel list, but travelling around the world brought us to the conclusion that it is often a necessity, especially in developing countries.

You never know what may happen with the electricity in your hotel or the entire place. It often happens that a bad weather and a storm ruin the electric cables and systems for power supply. Besides, you would be shocked at how dark the city streets can become once the sun sets. These are the cases you will use your flashlight for navigating either dark streets or your hotel room.

Having the flashlight in your bag will not only make you feel less worried, but it may also help you in unexpected situations.

  1. Sleeping Pillow – Sleep Tight And Arrive Healthy To Your Desired Destination

Being able to sleep while travelling is one of the best gifts one can have, and making your sleep comfortable is of utmost importance. No matter where, on a plane, in a train or a bus, you always need to bring your sleeping pillow.

Some travellers may ask: why?? To start with, falling asleep when travelling may not be the problem. The worst thing could definitely be waking up, and feeling broken. You feel low back pain, have a stiff neck and an awful headache.

But saving some space in your backpack for the sleeping pillow will save your trip because reaching your hotel while feeling energetic is totally worth carrying it.

  1. First Aid Kit – Better Safe Than Sorry

You definitively do not want your adventure to be ruined by a headache, stomachache or a high-climate fever, right? But since these are some of the most common health issues people have to deal with while on a trip, it is better to be prepared. It is quite unpredictable if or when one of these issues may happen.

Health issues can easily happen when you least expect them. And if it happens that there is no medical institution nearby, then you might be doomed and the trip will be ruined. That is why you need to carry a first aid kit whenever you are travelling. It does not have to be a mini ER, but it should contain a few basic pills, vitamins, bandages and similar stuff. You can buy an already prepared kit in a drugstore, but it may be better to make one on your own.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers – Let’s Get This Party Started

It is hard to imagine a cool trip without the music so you need to bring all the necessary gear. That is why the Bluetooth Speakers are a must-item on every packing list. But be sure to pick the one with a decent battery life and clear sound. You might also think about getting the water dancing speakers. They are simply awesome since you can use them with all possible devices, plus they look and sound good. The water dancing speakers will be a great accessory.

  1. DSLR Camera – For Great Pictures And Beautiful Memories

Travelling usually means you will be taking a lot of pictures. Well, that requires a good device which means you should carry a DSLR camera. That way you will be sure to take some awesome photos. However, there might be a small problem packing it since DSLR cameras require a lot of space once you add a few lenses, a flash and all other stuff.

The best way is to disassemble everything and put it in padding so it does not break. Be sure to bring a charger but you really don’t have to carry a dozen of extra batteries. Although such a process may be a bit stressful, always have in mind that your camera will make a trip more fun. Just keep in mind all those cool photos that are waiting to be shot.

  1. Mp3 Player – Break The Silence Not The Player

Some people say that carrying an Mp3 Player on a trip is a nonsense since you should be paying attention to all the beauties nature gives you. Well, those people have probably never travelled in their life. An Mp3 Player is an important part of a cool trip because you will probably be spending a lot of time on a plane or in a bus. Often the time seems to be passing very, very slowly on a trip, especially during the night and that is when Mp3 Player comes to the rescue.

Just fill it up with your favourite music and enjoy your trip. One advice, though: maybe you should buy a cheap Mp3 Player so if it gets lost or broken you won’t be very sorry. Still, try to be careful and not lose it or you will be spending the long trips in silence.

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