7 world-famous natural hot spring destinations this 2017

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Tired of artificially heated hot springs? It’s time to go natural. In this article, we’ll show you 5 of the world’s most famous natural hot spring destinations. From Japan’s blood pond hot spring to New Zealand’s prying pan lake – let’s get started!

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Blood Pond Hot Spring, Japan. This Japanese natural wonder is so-named because of its “hellish” red colored water. The color of this spring is naturally created because of the iron-rich water content, with reddish steam also rising continually from the water. The blood pond is actually just one of the nine “hells” or jigokus of Beppu, in Japan. This particular hot spring is considered the most beautiful among the nine.

Termaks Geometricas, Chile. Nestled at the bottom of a canyon in the center of the lush Villarica National Park, this Asian-inspired hot spring consists of 20 pools which are connected by a red, suspended wooden walkways. There’s also matching changing huts, as well as two cooling waterfalls, a fire pit, and yes, even a café.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland. You’re remembering that “natural movie” too, right? This is not the setting of that, though. The beautiful lake Tekapo on the South Island is a turquoise dream with picturesque views of the dramatic Southern Alps. The best way to enjoy a view this good is while dipping in the spring, which also offers communal outdoor pools, a day spa, and even a man-made snow slope and ice skating rink for added fun.

Thermae Bath Spa, England. The only natural hot spring of the World Heritage City of Bath. Here you can soak in the water just like the Romans did over 2000 years ago. Thermae Bath Spa is located in the center of the town, and you can enjoy these mineral-rich waters in many different ways. Don’t miss out the rooftop pool at night, though.

Mystic Hot Springs, Utah. Experience a surreal hot spring experience in this aptly-named wonder. The Mystic Hot Springs will leave you with a sense of spiritual awe and physical wellness like no other. Here you will enjoy the natural warm water right from your own bathtub in the middle of the Utah desert. It’s best to visit in July when the site hosts its own music festival.

Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand. Another unused name for this natural hot spring is Waimangu Cauldron. The Frying Pan Lake is located in the Echo Crater of the Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley of New Zealand. At a maximum width of 200m, it’s the biggest natural hot spring in the world. The water here is acidic in nature and maintains a temperature of around 50-60C. As a plus, the place is along the wheelchair-friendly walking path in Waimangu.

End Note

The hot springs above offer a splendid and mystic view aside from the water being rich in minerals that will heal your physical, mental and spiritual pressures. You’ll definitely return home with a better health.

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