8 Signs That Indicate You May be getting Richer

How does one earn money?

Some people study, take up a job and earn salaries. Some people venture into their own business. There are folks who enter into the world of entertainment, sports and other arts to earn money along with fame.

Earning money is fine. But then, there is always an aspiration to get RICHER! How does one get rich?

Not all salaries nor profits can assure RICHNESS. What does one do then?

Apart from aspiration and hard work that are universal, another common factor that seems to contribute to wealth is Superstition, at least a lot of people think so.

InstaReM did extensive research to find out some of the common money-related superstitions across the world (That wasn’t hard! There were so many). InstaReM went a step further and tried to find out if some of these superstitions have a logic or history to it. The results were indeed good!

Here is an infographic that depicts common money-related superstitions from across the world and logical explanations to some of them. That’s not all! You will also get a sneak-peak into some interesting superstitions of stalwarts such as Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey and……… even Barack Obama!

Here you go!



Interesting right?


We do not guarantee that you will get richer if any of these happen to you. But if it does or did, do let us know.




Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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