A fridge magnet takes me back to…Botswana

According to a recent survey, the humble fridge magnet is the UK’s favourite holiday souvenir. It makes sense, really – it’s light, small and something you will see every day to remind you of your trip.

Now Daniel Scott Kitchens, an independent bespoke kitchen company in Cheshire is running a competition to find the best holiday fridge magnet from around the world.

For a chance to win a £100 Love2Shop Holiday Gift Card to help towards your next holiday, you can send them a photo of your favourite holiday fridge magnet by posting it on their Facebook wallInstagram or Tweet it to them with the hashtag #FavouriteHolidayFridgeMagnet or by using the form on their website.

To get you thinking, let me tell you about my favourite fridge magnet.

I picked up this little fella on my first trip to Botswana in a craft shop in Maun, the safari capital of the country. When I see him every day he reminds me of the colourful geckos that seem to be everywhere. They appear on your balcony or in the room of your lodge, doing their weird push-ups.

I had an amazing time in Botswana, which is a country that should be on everyone’s wish list. The wildlife and truly awesome landscapes are excellent reasons to choose the country as your next destination. There are some fantastic ways to explore, whether by air, boat, in an open safari vehicle or even on foot. Here are some examples of all of these…

Helicopter or light aircraft

Some more remote areas can only be accessed by air, so you’ll see parts of the country many others haven’t had the chance to see. But you don’t just have to fly as a means of getting from A to B – you can take a pleasure flight too. One of the best places to do so is over the Okavango Delta, starting your trip at Maun airport.

Gliding through the water

The Okavango Delta is one of the jewels of Botswana. The wildlife and diverse habitats that surround the Delta offer hundreds of things to see, and you can have an incredible journey by both land and water. One of the best ways to explore the Delta is to go out on the water in a traditional mokoro canoe. It is an experience you don’t want to miss and may well be the highlight of your holiday.

See the wildlife on a game drive

Seeing the impressive wildlife is one of the main reasons people visit Botswana. Usually you will go on a game drive at dawn, before it gets too hot for both you and the animals, and then again in the late afternoon. In some places you can also go on a night drive. A lot of animals are active at night and in the evenings when it starts to get cooler. You’ll get a chance to spot animals that prefer to come out at dusk or when it’s dark, including civets, servals, and porcupines.

Botswana on foot

For a more active experience in Botswana, seeing some of the country on foot could be the right choice for you. There are some incredible hiking trails if you want to try out some day hikes. However, you will find that there aren’t as many paths as you might find elsewhere. Another option is to go on a walking safari, but you will need to find a specialist operator to help you find lodges where this is possible. You should, too, as getting close to wildlife on foot is an experience you will never forget.

If you want to make Botswana your next destination, research the possibilities available to you. There are plenty of ways you can experience this magnificent country.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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