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Gozo is a small island in Malta and is one of 21 islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. As of 2015, it had 31,446 inhabitants. Yes, it is the second largest of the 21 islands but doesn’t let that fool you. It is small in size occupying 67km2 (26 square miles) but oh my how beautiful it is.

Pace of Life

The locals are so laid back and their way of life is a little slower than what is considered a norm. They live by the notion that one should not worry too much and that things will be solved they need be. They’re very friendly always making nice with each other and the foreigners.

While reading the History of Gozo, you will realize that the island’s inhabitants migrated from all over the world, therefore, the island is full of different forms of cultures and food. Most of the influence, however, comes from Italy, especially the cuisine. Freshly made pasta made just for you upon order.

They have a very bubbly nature where they like to offer you food and insist that you eat it. Their aura is very infectious and you find yourself soon adapting to their way of life. A break from all the stress back home living a carefree life may be all you need for your vacation.

The crystal blue waters

Gozo is best known for its beautiful blue waters. The view is breathtaking and very inviting. The Island also has a natural lagoon named the Blue Lagoon which should not be mistaken with the Blue Lagoon in Ireland.

When in Gozo, never miss a chance to visit the blue waters. The grottoes and swimming holes are a must to visit on your exploration expedition in Gozo. The blue waters are very inviting. The best way to explore these waters is by hiring a local captain to take you out on a boat.

Beautiful landscapes

The more you see of Gozo, the more you fall deeper and deeper in love with it. The island has been in existence for decades and decades and as per European style mostly with island, it has that Mediterranean architecture. From the houses to the actual environment, it is very hard to tear your eyes away from it.

Italy is known for the amazing wine produced there and the vineyards and this influence rubbed off on the Maltese in Gozo. The vineyards are breathtaking. There are not enough words that can be used to describe the picturesque scenery Gozo has to offer. With every new place you visit during your site seeing is more beautiful than your previous stop.

Places to Visit

The Citadel is one of its most famous attractions. Gozo is also known to be rich in history dating back to Greek Mythology. The Dwejra Bay offers sparkling blue waters perfect for diving and snorkeling. St. George Basilica cannot be missed in any list of best site seeing places when you visit Gozo whose architecture is that of Baroque. It is one of the unique churches and why not explore its wonder?

Gozo is one of the most beautiful islands to visit. It may not be famous just yet but take this opportunity to explore it while you still can. Visitgozo.com, the website, for planning your trip. Explore the small island from end to end and take in the rich culture and beauty it has to offer.

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