Aerial Video: Winter over Theisendammen, Trondheim, Norway

As you may know we invested in a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ flying camera/drone/UAV/RPAS last year here at Grown-up Travel Guide and have been addicted ever since. No matter what you call it – as you can see, these things have many names – there’s no denying that being able to film in full HD and take high quality photos from the air opens up a whole new dimension. We’re just starting to scratch the surface of what we can do with our machine in a travel context – so watch this space!

Whilst we have published a few clips on our YouTube channel it seems a waste not to put them up here too, hence this new section on the blog.

Naturally you’ll see a lot of footage filmed here in Norway but I have also taken the bird with me to the USA and Denmark and plan to travel with it as much as possible in 2015. Indeed as I write this post we are both in Finland and have flown in both Helsinki and in the wilds of the Mikkeli region where I am currently staying.

But it’s another aerial video film this time – again very close to the office in Trondheim, Norway. This sequence was shot over the area known as Theisendammen just on the edge of the city and easily reached by bus/car/bicycle from the central area.

Enjoy 🙂