Amazing Itineraries in Switzerland You Can Check Out On A Train

Known not only for delectable chocolates, scrumptious cheeses, and impeccable banking, Switzerland is one of the most awe-inspiring countries on the planet. The Swiss are snuggled cozily in the arms of the mountainous regions that make up much of their spectacular landscape. Life-changing views and a deeply rich culture provide memorable experiences for anyone planning a Swiss get away.

Whether you’re planning to spend a few days on Lake Geneva, visiting the Matterhorn, or heading to Interlaken, Switzerland has an adventure for everyone. Planning your travel days can sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why sites like created some extraordinary itineraries! A few days on a cozy train, with all of the astonishing views and welcoming culture of Switzerland!

The experience can be as modest or as grand as you’d like. You get to choose when you travel, whether you’re interested in upgrading your accommodations, and even include the option to add MORE to your original itinerary. Whether you add extra nights, or a few guided tours, get ready to explore Switzerland via train with these remarkable itineraries.

What to Expect

The planned itineraries make seeing Switzerland incredibly simple. The packages include airfare, hotel stays, train reservations, and upgrades are also available. There are a variety of different trips to choose from, and each one offers its own perspective of beautiful Switzerland.

The planned itineraries include:

  • Interlaken and the Golden Pass
  • Matterhorn and Glacier Express
  • Across the Spine of the Alps
  • The Grand Tour
  • Many More!

Each preplanned experience can be molded to fit your personal needs. You will start in London, travel through Switzerland, then make your way back to London! You can also begin your journey in Zürich. With all the things to do in Zürich, you can have a little vacation even before your train experience begins!

Prices vary per package, but are extremely reasonable. If you upgrade your hotel stays it will depend upon each hotel for the price per night. Upgrading your train seat to first class will also depend upon the particular line.

When you embark on your Swiss adventure, you will be given all of your necessary documents. You will be given a travel wallet with all of your rail tickets, hotel vouchers, and any other documentation you will need on your trip. Your daily itinerary will be provided and you can embark knowing your trip has been carefully planned just for you!

Interlaken and The Golden Pass

Travel for five glorious days through Interlaken and Montreux. This amazing itinerary will take you through the Bernese Oberland, through the Golden Pass, and on to the Swiss Riviera.

Interlaken is nestled between the two lakes Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and is absolutely stunning. The Three mountains of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau surround the city with beautiful terrain. Two nights in this magical town may not be enough, but then you’re on to Montreux via the Golden Pass.

You can choose to go on the Golden Pass line with a modern train, or a more traditional Belle-Époque style train. You’ll see all the splendor of the rolling hills of Bern as you make your way to Vaud. Where your destination is Montreux on beautiful Lake Geneva.

Two nights in Montreux at the Suisse Hotel Majestic, and you’ll never want to leave! Known for the picturesque Chateau de Chillon, this charming town will leave you speechless. You can also add to your trip by visiting the towns of Vevey and Lausanne via boat!

Matterhorn and Glacier Express

This nine day and eight-night tour will begin in the remarkable Strasbourg. You will stay in the Maison Rouge Hotel in this historic city! You can experience the Gothic Cathedral as well as the old town area near the canals.

From Strasbourg you will head to Zermatt. Here you will spend two days basking in the mountain city’s scenic splendor. You can choose to visit Chamonix while you are in Zermatt with a quick upgrade. This itinerary includes a day trip on the Gornergrat bahn, an open-air cog railway that takes you over 10,000 feet above sea level!

If you are specifically interested in Chamonix, which is an incredible place, you can use the services of Book Ski Chamonix to book ski school for your trip there.

On day five you will experience the Glacier Express to St. Moritz. Here you will enjoy your leisure time taking in some of the more unbelievable views of the Swiss Alps. The resort town is known for extravagant skiing and glacier landscapes. You will love spending a few days here to soak up the gorgeous scenery!

Day eight will have you on the rails to Cologne. Here you will pass through the Rhine Valley and spend a night in this amazing city before taking off on day nine back to London!

Across the Spine of the Alps

Twelve days of non-stop mountain beauty will not only be memorable, but simply take your breath away. Not just from the high altitude, but from the extraordinarily stunning scenery. Travel from the Matterhorn, through the Alps, and into Austria on this mind-blowing travel itinerary experience.

Zermatt will welcome you first, as you get to see one of the Alps’ best resorts. The massive Matterhorn views will be an excellent sight to begin your journey along the Spine of the Alps!

From Zermatt you will travel on the Glacier Express to Chur, one of the oldest cities in Switzerland! On from the medieval Old Town of Chur via the Bernina Express, into Innsbruck!

You will then travel from Innsbruck to Lake Bled. But you can also add a day trip to Garmisch, in Germany, to your itinerary if you’d like! You will spend nearly three whole days in the Lake Bled area, taking in as much of the history, culture, and mouth-watering food that Slovenia has to offer.

After Lake Bled, you will travel to Heidelberg. Here you will be met with a day of beautiful Bavarian hills, the spectacular Austrian countryside, and end in the city of Heidelberg. Here you’ll check into Hollander Hof Hotel, or upgrade to another option.

The Grand Tour

This is the end all be all train tour of Switzerland. Starting with a flight from London to Zurich, every day is planned out to fit your personal preferences. An eleven-day experience that takes you through the most scenic views you will ever encounter. Each night you will sleep soundly in a beautiful Swiss hotel. All of this is included in your trip!

The Grand Tour will take you from Zurich to Interlaken, then on to Montreux on the Golden Pass, through Zermatt and the St. Moritz on the Alps via the Glacier Express, then through to Lugano, Ticino, Lucerne, and back to London! A whirlwind tour that includes mountain passes, Lake Geneva, the Swiss Riviera, and historical cities!

The hotels alone may make this tour worth your time! Your itinerary will include amazing hotels like the Suisse Hotel Majestic in Montreux, the San Gian Hotel in St. Moritz, and the Waldstaetterhof Hotel in Lucerne. Spend each night in the comfort and grandeur of some of Switzerland’s finest comforts.

Beyond the Itinerary

Though the planned vacations are extremely convenient, they are so much more than the ideal way to see Switzerland. These amazing itineraries will allow you to glimpse some of the most spectacular mountain vistas, the bustle of Alpine Ski resorts, the charm of four-star hotels, and the nostalgia and simplicity of traveling by rail. These unforgettable journeys are meant to take the hassle out of experiencing the world, so you can spend less time worrying about airlines and train times, and focus on making memories.

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