Amazing U.S. Destinations That Everybody Should Visit (At Least) Once

America is a big place. Everybody knows that. But that can make it very difficult to plan a trip around the U.S. There are too many different places that you could visit and not enough time to see them all. So, how do you decide? Given that this is a nation with so many incredible cities in so many incredible states, which ones should you pick? Well, hopefully, this article will make the decision a little easier for you. These are some amazing U.S. destinations that everybody should visit (at least) once.

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The noisy and iconic streets of New York City attract millions of tourists every single year.

New York City.

NYC is one of the best cities in America. There’s no contest, really. Obviously, as we’ll discuss in this article, there are other fantastic places that you can visit in the states. But New York is definitely one of the most iconic destinations in the entire country. So, it’s only fitting that you explore this concrete jungle by stopping off at some of its most iconic destinations. You should visit the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Building. Both offer fantastic views of the entire city. They might not be the newest or the shiniest buildings in the city, but they’re certainly two of the most iconic structures that New York has to offer. Plus, the views are still incredible.

Obviously, you should also visit the Statue of Liberty. You might have seen it in plenty of pictures, but there’s something utterly special about seeing it in person. The sheer scale and grandeur of the structure will leave you in awe. It’s no wonder that this statue is the pride and joy of New York. Of course, there are other things to see and do in this city. It’s not just a destination that offers a string of landmarks for visitors to admire. You should watch some of the amazing teams that the city has to offer in a string of different sports. The Yankees, the Mets, the New York Giants, and the Jets are all fantastic teams that put on spectacular performances whenever they play. So, it’s worth catching a game whilst you’re in the city.

Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is another lively and energetic city that you simply have to visit if you’re looking for an adventure. It’s certainly one of the best places to explore in America if you are looking for entertainment. For starters, it’s the home of Monopoly (well, the U.S. version of Monopoly). If you’re a fan of the popular board game, then you’ll enjoy seeing some of the streets in real life. But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. You should visit the Playground Pier if you’re looking for an underwater-themed luxury shopping mall. Okay, you might not have been looking for one of those, but that’s exactly why it’s so much fun. Where else in the world can you find venues like that? You might also want to visit the Borgata Hotel and Casino. You could play a game of Blackjack, or you could simply enjoy the wonderful accommodation facilities. It could be a great place to stay whilst you’re exploring the city.

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Los Angeles is probably best known as the home of Hollywood. The spectacular Hollywood Hills are visually breathtaking as well as being culturally relevant.

Los Angeles.

L.A. is another of the famous cities that the U.S. has to offer. Obviously, as pictured above, it’s most famous for Hollywood. For decades, this city has been the heart of the film industry. Some of the world’s most iconic films have been produced here, and that still seems to be the case when it comes to present-day films. But there’s more to L.A. than Hollywood. In fact, if you really want to experience the city, then you should head to Venice. It’s completely unlike Venice in Italy, but it has its own charm. And it’s certainly beautiful in a very different way. Stroll down the boardwalk towards Venice Beach. That’ll help you to truly appreciate this incredible area.

Downtown L.A. is well worth exploring, too. In particular, it’s worth your time to visit Grand Central Marketplace. This busy collection of small dining establishments in the heart of the city will give you plenty of delicious eating options. Plus, there’s often live music to enjoy in the main seating area. So, help yourself to some great grub and then experience some free live entertainment. You might want to visit Olio’s Pizzeria. They make some delicious wood-fired pizzas.

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