An Epic Pub Crawl in Niagara Falls

Pub Crawl in Niagara Falls

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in both the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls appeals to many different types of travelers. It’s an incredibly popular family destination, outdoor enthusiasts love the hiking and camping areas that surround the Niagara area, and lovers of fine wines and good food are drawn to the region’s vineyards, restaurants, and breweries.

How to make a pub crawl in Niagara Falls go down without a hitch.

While all of those are wonderful reasons to visit, Niagara Falls is also a great place to party. With the casinos just across the border in Canada, ample nightclubs, and many bars to choose from, the Canadian side of Niagara is seeing a number of groups like bachelor parties and ladies celebrating a girls’ weekend descend into its midst, with the express purpose of having a good time.

If you’re planning a trip to Niagara with a group, why not consider holding a pub crawl while you’re there. There are ample bars to visit on your route, and you just might discover some food and drink gems along your way. 

How to Get Started

The first step to a pub crawl is to plan your route. What time do you want to leave? How many places do you want to visit? Will you be eating? What time do you want it to end? Check with the other members of your group to get some input.

Once you’ve decided on the big picture, it’s time to narrow it down a little bit. What types of pubs and bars do you want to visit? Do you need to hire transportation? How can you avoid the crowds? What time is happy hour? Do you need a reservation? Contact the individual pubs to learn more about this information.

Where to Go

You won’t be at a loss when it comes time to select the stops on your pub crawl. In fact, you might have had a hard time choosing. With so many bars ranging from dive to upscale and everything in between, there is never a shortage of great place in Niagara Falls. These are few places that should definitely make it onto your list.

All of these bars are located on the Canadian side of the Falls, so be sure that, if you’re coming from the United States, that everyone has their passport.
  • If you’re looking for a great place to kick things off, why not try Margaritaville Niagara Falls? This trendy spot is the perfect place to kick things off with one of their signature cocktails and appetizers. In fact, eating at your first stop is always a good idea!
  • Doc Magilligan’s. Some say that Doc Magilligan’s is the most Irish pub outside of Ireland. Why don’t you be the judge? With all of your favorite spirits and a great Irish feel, this is exactly the type of place you want to see on a pub crawl route.
  • Niagara Brewing Company. A new local brewery is always a great place to visit, and Niagara Brewing Company definitely needs to be on your list. With their signature brews crafted from local ingredients and a fun appetizer menu, this could be the perfect mid-crawl stop to have a snack and taste of their beers.
  • The Irish Harp Pub. Another Irish place should make it to your list, but can you really ever have enough Irish pubs? The Irish Harp Pub offers a great selection of beer and a menu brimming with traditional Irish dishes. They often host live music so this makes it a great stop for a pub crawl.
  • Carpaccio Restaurant and Bar. For an upscale option try the Carpaccio Restaurant and Bar. With a wide selection of wines from all over the world and a great Italian menu, this is the perfect stop to conclude your crawl with a glass of wine and snack before you all head back to your hotel.

Whether it’s a pre-wedding fiesta or just a great excuse to explore the beautiful area around Niagara Falls, a pub crawl is always a good time. Just make sure that you plan your stops carefully, be sure to check on reservations, secure transportation, and grab your passports. You never know where the night will take you!

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