Apps that Help you Make a Long-Haul Flight Bearable

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Flying is fun, flying is exciting… for the first time, and for a short period at a time. But when your flight time exceeds a couple of hours, things can go from boring to horrible to unbearable pretty quickly. Think of all the noise, the dry air, the murmur and body odour of your fellow passengers, the tasteless food, the cramped legroom, the… but let me stop here before you gross out. All of these would be enough to take your mind off flying overseas on their own – but if you keep some handy tips in mind, long-haul flights can become bearable.

No more hassle with the price and the bags

Options Away is one of the 8 travel apps to make your next flight better. With it, you can not only save on airfare but possibly find a better option with fewer stops and less time wasted on the airport. Just feed it your itinerary – it can put your bookings on hold for more than two weeks or until a better option becomes available. Another app that can help you save on airfare is Hopper – it has a vast database of historic prices and can predict when you can book the cheapest flight on your route.
Dragging a bag through the airport, packing, laundry, and the likes – these can be a real burden sometimes unless you let DUFL take care of it for you. The service will send you a suitcase for you to fill with all the necessary garments and accessories usually needed for your business trip, and store it for you indefinitely. When you travel, all you need to do is tell the service your destination and arrival date, and your package will be waiting for you at the hotel. DUFL can do the same with your sports equipment and trade show gear on request.

Rest and entertainment

In-flight entertainment can be quite boring at times, so prepare for the long hours of your flight from the start. Make sure to pack your laptop or phone charger, some light reading, and similar items in your carry-on bag. If there’s WiFi on the plane, you can kill time – and perhaps make an extra buck – by playing games at the Royal Vegas. Its games are simple and relaxing – most Royal Vegas mobile slots are funny and cheerful – and they can keep your mind off of your surroundings for quite a while.

Make sure to board well rested, since you can’t be sure whether you’ll be able to sleep on the plane or not. Yet don’t force yourself to stay awake – when the time comes for a nap, take a nap. Pro tip – set your watch to your destination’s time zone to reduce the effects of jet lag.


Whenever you can, upgrade to first class. The extra leg room, the smaller crowd, the fully reclinable seats, and the edible food can make a huge difference. Besides, there’s a huge difference between how first-class and business class travelers are treated – a smile can go a long way, you know.

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