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Miami vs. Fort Lauderdale: A Tale of Two Vacation Cities


Image Credit: Pixabay  It’s summertime and you’re in the mood to go someplace warm and exotic for vacation. The most reasonable location for your budget is Florida. With Florida, you have the choice between two prime destinations-Miami or Fort Lauderdale. From here on out the decisions are going to get tougher. Miami is considered by […]

How to Choose a Girls Perfect Travelling Backpack


Photo credit: sinkdd red shoes via photopin (license) Choosing the right backpack is a great deal as it enhances your traveling experience. There are so many considerations that have to be factored in making the right selection. They include but not limited to size, comfort, material, design and security features. The backpacks’ fit and comfort […]

Best Diver Gears


Photo credit: dchrisoh IMG_0537 via photopin (license) Anyone who has tried scuba diving understands that this is a sport that is addictive and once you try the first time you will definitely want more. For a perfect experience, you should consider getting the best diver gear. You can choose different items including one of the […]

Getting Ready for an Overseas Photography Tour


Photo credit: Bryce Bradford Family Portrait via photopin (license) There is a big difference between backpacking, and travelling with a backpack. Professional photographers, for instance, will often carry a decent amount of equipment with them wherever they go to ensure that they have what they need to get the perfect shot. Traveling to take photos […]