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Been there haven’t done that – 5 things you shouldn’t miss in Levi, Finland


Continuing our mission to inspire and inform Grown-up Travellers we present the latest in our series of articles containing ideas for alternative things to do and see in well-known destinations. So far we’ve shared our tips on London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. Then we featured Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago and Istanbul. We then focused on Australia and you can check out these guides to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney before coming back […]

Road safety tips every traveller should follow


Travelling abroad means setting yourself up for plenty of adventures, incredible experiences and once in a lifetime moments. Whether you have your mind set on viewing some of the world’s most famous landmarks or taking part in local festivals and celebrations, having an itinerary that’s bursting with activities and events is what travelling is all […]

What makes London a World City?


A world city, also known as global city, is generally a city considered to be an important node in the global economic system. The concept comes from geography and urban studies. The idea of globalisation can be understood as a city having a direct and tangible effect on global affairs through socio-economic means. The use […]

Size isn’t everything – the best small towns to visit in Australia: Port Douglas

(c)  pielad

This is a guest post by Angela Dawes with additional material by Andy Higgs After the last feature on Broome, we continuing our new series on great small towns to visit when travelling.  We’re staying Down Under but moving on to Queensland in this article and it turns out that Port Douglas is the perfect excuse […]

Four of Portugal’s hotspots for your travel itinerary

(c) Rustam Aliyev

This is a guest post by Masha Silko with additional material from Andy Higgs Having just returned from the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Porto, all this week our feature content is about Portugal – a popular travel destination with more than just the stunning beaches of the Algarve. First of all here are some of […]