Barbados – a Family Vacation Paradise


I guess it may depend on where you grew up but for me, the name “Barbados” has always promised the exotic. Blue waters and white sandy beaches, luxury hotels and cool drinks – it’s almost like the country doesn’t need to do any more marketing as the message has already got through.

But the fact is that the reality is all this and much more – and being one of the safest countries in the Caribbean, Barbados is a perfect destination for a family vacation.

And if you’re going to go, do it in style: Luxury Retreats – as the name implies – offers luxury Barbados family vacation rentals on the beach. With plenty of space to call your own, why bother with the confines of a hotel room?

Do you really need any convincing to visit? Okay, how about you take all those features mentioned above and add friendly locals, excellent food and hot nightlife – as well as lesser-known reasons to come to the island.

How about watching the national pastime bar none – a game of cricket? I know, it’s complicated to understand but the locals will help you out if you need to brush up on the rules. And if you don’t get a cold drink to sip on while the game is in progress at least you know there will be a rum with your name on it waiting at the end of the match. Rum punch is namely the traditional way to celebrate a win – or drown your sorrows after a loss.

Let’s get back to those beaches though – leave the throngs of tourists on the western coast and head to the opposite side of Barbados. Harrismith Beach is a fantastic – if unsupervised – stretch of sand with a shallow lagoon.

Even on the western coast there are places where you can get some peace and quiet – try Batts Rock Beach which has all the amenities you need yet hardly any visitors.

Did you know that Barbados is also great for hiking? Even if you did, I bet you didn’t know you can join an organised 3-hour hike twice a day for free? I know, it is rather amazing. You’ll get to meet the locals in a different way and visit areas you wouldn’t otherwise see. The hikes are arranged by the National Trust and you can find full details on their website.

And let’s not forget the restaurant scene. There are many excellent establishments to choose from but if you just take away one tip let it be this one: Mullins Restaurant and Beach Bar. The beach here is wonderful but come back at night when the beach bar is lit up for dinner and you’ll be blown away.

It doesn’t stop there, either – the food is superb and you’ll want to return time and time again. Perhaps it’s a good idea to visit on your first night in Barbados? 🙂

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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