Beauty Essentials Packing Checklists for Your Next Trip

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There is a list of essentials that are always missing when you reach a travel destination, and on top of that list is the beauty essentials. It can be frustrating when you forget what you need to use every day and there is no store nearby that sells the exact brand you love. To ensure that you don’t go through this nightmare on your next trip, consider the following beauty essentials lists when packing for the trip.

Skin and Facial Care Products

Carry all the essential products you need to clean and moisturize your skin and face. These include moisturizers, serums, eye brightener, night and day creams, hand and body creams or lotion, and cleansers.

In addition to your daily skin care routine products, you will need some sunscreen to keep you safe when you are out in the sun. Sunscreen should not be considered a luxury, but rather a necessity because it prevents skin cancer.  If you notice any unusual patches on your skin after the holiday, you should consult a dermatologist.

When choosing a sunscreen product for your holiday, ensure that it has an SPF of at least 30 and protects you from both UVA and UVB light. Also, check the expiry date when you are packing because an expired product won’t give you any protection. Put on the sunscreen a few minutes before you go out and reapply every three hours if you are spending a lot of time outside. For swimming and other sports that cause excessive sweating, reapply immediately.

Hair Products

If you neglect your hair while on holiday, the result will be hair thinning and breakage. Some of the hair essentials that you should pack include hair shampoo, hair spray, hair brush, oil, and conditioner. There are hotels that give complimentary shampoo, but this may not work well for you, especially when you are used to a specific type of shampoo. If you have been experiencing hair thinning, consider packing some treatment for thin hair, too

You can also bring along some dry shampoo to help on days when you don’t have enough time to wash your hair. However, you should not rely on dry shampoo every day because it can result in a residue build up. Use it only when you need a quick fix and wash your hair when you have the time. Also, avoid applying excess amounts and choose the right product for your hair color when shopping.


You deserve to look good and glow while you are having fun on your holiday. Your makeup checklist will depend on individual preferences and where you are going on holiday. Some of the items on this list include foundation, makeup application tools, lipstick, lip balm with sunscreen, mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, and eyeliner.

Beauty essentials will keep you glowing and protect your skin and hair as you enjoy your time away from home and work. To ensure that you do not forget anything, rehearse your daily skin and hair care routine, highlighting all the essentials you use. When packing, pick the product with the smallest packaging and don’t carry two products that serve the same purpose.

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