Best Cities to Camp in Spain

The Best Cities to Camp in Spain

Best Cities to Camp in Spain

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With its mild to hot climate in most regions  Spain, beckons for the camping lifestyle, whether that being visiting quaint towns and farms, wandering the lanes of vibrant historical cities, seeing the hills and plans or enjoying beach life. There is every option from feeling lost in Don Quixote’s sierras to glamping adjacent to fashionable Barcelona and Madrid.

Some of the best-fitted camping sites in Europe are located adjacent to major tourist attractions or situated in the tranquil country, and sometimes both. Here is just a slice of what camping in Spain has to offer.  It can be easier to equip yourself for camping by purchasing your gear online. 

Andalucía-Camping Pinar San José

Camping Pinar San Jose is in the heartlands of Spain`s most popular and iconic region. This campsite stands out for its shady trees and pretty white-washed communal buildings. You`ll find it in La Brena which gives campers easy access to the nearby national parks, the sea, and the mountains. Explore nearby beaches, the woods, watch the waves pound from cliff tops, and head for the day to both historic and tourist towns. Or laze by the very inviting pool.

Valencia-  Camping Altomira

This camping ground is situated 35 km from the beach and about 40 minutes from Valencia between the Sierra Espadán y Sierra Calderona so there are great day trips but for the most part it is the campers and the Sierra. It has sites for tents or caravans plus charming bungalows, a café, a pool, a restaurant and Wi-Fi access throughout the facility.

Barcelona-Globo Rojo

Around Barcelona, there are numerous camping sites that have glamping options but are also very family-friendly. Globo Rojo is the nearest first-class camping site to the city with lots of public transport. It is the ideal family holiday campsite located in front of the beach in Canet de Mar.  There are basic pitches for BYO campers, deluxe bungalows, and super deluxe infinity bungalows.

Navarro- El Camping Ezcaba

El Camping Ezcaba is found in a natural enclave that joins the River Ulzama to the Pyrenees (Pirineos) Mountains in northern Spain.  The hiking here features some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, so don’t forget to pack some good hiking shoes.  It is just five minutes from the beautiful historic village of Pamplona (mostly known for the annual running of the bulls). 

As well as first class camping they offer bikes to head into Pamplona or to ride along the river. This is a great site for gentle or rigorous mountain hikes and pilgrimages into less-trodden Spanish towns and monasteries.

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