best jobs for travel

The Best Jobs for Traveling Around the World

I know that many people (most?) have a passion for travel and want to find a career that allows them to explore the world while earning an income. Working in traditional office jobs may not be appealing to travel lovers, which is why there are many alternative career paths that cater to their lifestyle.

In this article, we will explore potential careers that are perfect for people who want to see the world while working. Please note that the following are ideas and inspiration and may not currently have open job listings. It is advised to conduct thorough research before pursuing any of these occupations.

best jobs for travel

The Best Jobs For Travel – Key Takeaways:

  • There are many career paths that allow individuals to travel while earning an income.
  • From athletic recruiters to foreign service workers, there are options for people with various interests and skills.
  • Thorough research and acquiring necessary qualifications are essential before pursuing these opportunities.
  • Top jobs for travelers include athletic recruiters, au pairs, construction managers, consultants, cruise line workers, engineers, ESL teachers, event coordinators, and foreign service workers.
  • Consider your interests, skills, and qualifications when choosing a travel job that suits you best. Most jobs available for travelers are skilled positions that can have educational requirements. If you plan on working abroad, earning a college education is tremendously valuable.

Athletic Recruiter

Athletic recruiters, also known as sports scouts, play a crucial role in recruiting talent for sports teams. They travel to schools and sporting events to identify and evaluate potential athletes for college and professional organizations. This job requires a deep knowledge of specific sports and the ability to assess the skills and qualities needed for different team positions.

Athletic recruiters are passionate sports enthusiasts who enjoy traveling and have a knack for spotting exceptional talent. They have the unique opportunity to attend various sporting events and interact with athletes, coaches, and other talent scouts. Through their extensive scouting efforts, they contribute to shaping the rosters of successful sports teams.

“Being an athletic recruiter allows me to combine my love for sports with my passion for travel. I get to see incredible athletes in action and help them achieve their dreams.” – John Smith, Athletic Recruiter

If you have a keen eye for talent, a strong understanding of different sports, and enjoy the excitement of traveling, a career as an athletic recruiter may be the perfect fit for you.

Table: Top Sports for Athletic Recruiters

Sport Key Skills and Qualities Travel Opportunities
Football Knowledge of player positions, rules, and strategies
Strong networking and communication skills
Attending high school and college games
Visiting training camps and combines
Basketball Ability to evaluate players’ athleticism, basketball IQ, and skills
Attention to detail and analysis
Scouting high school, college, and professional games
Attending tournaments and showcases
Baseball Evaluating players’ hitting, pitching, and fielding abilities
Knowledge of player development and scouting techniques
Scouting high school, college, and minor league games
Attending showcases and tournaments
Soccer Understanding player positions, tactics, and technical skills
International player scouting and recruitment
Attending youth academy matches and tournaments
Scouting college and professional games

Au Pair

Au pairs are individuals who live with a host family in a foreign country and provide child care services such as babysitting and schoolwork assistance. This unique job opportunity allows au pairs to immerse themselves in another culture while earning a small salary and receiving room and board from the host family. It is an ideal job for individuals who have a passion for working with children and possess foreign language skills.

As an au pair, you will have the opportunity to experience daily life in a foreign country, learn a new language, and develop close relationships with both the host family and the local community. Your responsibilities may include supervising the children, helping with homework, preparing meals, and engaging in cultural exchange activities.

Benefits of Being an Au Pair

Being an au pair offers several benefits beyond the opportunity to travel and experience a new culture. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Language Acquisition: Living with a host family provides au pairs with a unique environment to learn and practice a foreign language.
  • International Connections: Au pairs have the chance to build lifelong relationships with both their host family and other au pairs from around the world.
  • Personal Growth: This experience allows individuals to develop independence, adaptability, and a global perspective.
  • Travel Opportunities: While au pairs primarily work as child care providers, they often have time off to explore the local area and nearby destinations during their contract.

“Being an au pair is not just a job, it’s an adventure. You have the chance to become part of a new family and create lifelong memories while helping to raise their children.”

If you are a responsible, caring individual with a passion for travel and child care, becoming an au pair could be the perfect job for you. It offers a unique opportunity to combine work and travel while immersing yourself in a new culture and forming lasting connections with people from around the world.

Requirements Benefits
  • Good with children
  • Basic knowledge of a foreign language
  • Experience in child care
  • Valid passport
  • Salary (varies by country)
  • Room and board provided
  • Cultural exchange
  • Language immersion
  • Travel opportunities

While being an au pair is a rewarding experience, it is important to thoroughly research and understand the responsibilities and cultural expectations associated with this role. Each country may have specific requirements and regulations for au pair programs, so it is crucial to comply with all legal and contractual obligations to ensure a successful experience.

The Best Jobs for Traveling Around the World

Construction Manager

Construction managers not only earn a good income but also have the opportunity to travel. They play a crucial role in overseeing construction projects and ensuring that everything is on track. From managing budgets and schedules to coordinating with contractors and architects, construction managers have a broad range of responsibilities.

One of the exciting aspects of this job is the possibility of relocating to different areas for several months to oversee projects. Whether it’s constructing a skyscraper in a bustling city or renovating a resort on a tropical island, construction managers can find themselves immersed in diverse environments.

The construction industry offers opportunities not only for project managers but also for support staff. Many companies require professionals to relocate for specific projects, providing a chance to travel while contributing to the construction process. From site engineers to quantity surveyors, there are various roles to explore for individuals interested in the construction industry and the freedom to travel.

Pros Cons
  • Opportunity to work on exciting projects worldwide
  • Potential for high income
  • Explore new cities and cultures
  • Develop valuable project management skills
  • Challenging and demanding work
  • Long hours and tight deadlines
  • Potential for extensive travel and time away from home
  • Requires strong organizational and leadership skills

Construction managers have the unique opportunity to combine their passion for travel with their expertise in the construction industry. The role requires a professional who can handle the complexities of overseeing projects while adapting to different locations and cultures. It can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for those who are up for the challenge.


Consultants play a crucial role in the business world, offering their expertise and problem-solving skills to help companies overcome challenges and achieve their goals. With their ability to provide specialized knowledge and insights, consultants are often sought after by organizations across different industries.

One of the key advantages of being a consultant is the opportunity to travel. Clients may be located in various cities or even countries, requiring consultants to travel for on-site visits and meetings. This aspect of the job allows consultants to experience different cultures, work environments, and business landscapes, making it an ideal profession for individuals who enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

“Consultants have the flexibility to work with clients from different regions, expanding their network and gaining a global perspective on business challenges and solutions.”

Client management is another important aspect of a consultant’s role. Consultants work closely with clients to understand their needs, develop strategies, and implement solutions. Building strong relationships with clients is crucial for long-term success, as it leads to repeat business and referrals. Effective client management involves clear communication, collaboration, and the ability to adapt to different working styles and personalities.

Overall, a career as a consultant offers the opportunity to travel while applying problem-solving skills and expertise in a specific field. Whether it’s working on short-term projects or long-term engagements, consultants have the flexibility to work with clients from different regions, expanding their network and gaining a global perspective on business challenges and solutions.

Cruise Line Worker

If you have a passion for travel, the hospitality industry, and the entertainment industry, working on a cruise ship may be the perfect job for you. As a cruise line worker, you’ll have the opportunity to see the world while receiving free food and accommodations.

There are various positions available on cruise ships, catering to different skills and interests. From restaurant servers to performers in the cruise’s entertainment lineup, there are plenty of opportunities to find a role that suits your talents.

To explore employment openings with top-rated cruise companies, you can visit websites like These platforms list a wide range of job opportunities, helping you find the right position to kickstart your career as a cruise line worker.

Table: Positions on a Cruise Ship

Position Description
Restaurant Server Serve meals and provide excellent customer service to guests in onboard restaurants.
Cabin Steward Maintain cleanliness and provide housekeeping services to guest cabins.
Entertainment Performer Showcase your talents in live performances, such as singing, dancing, or acting.
Deckhand Assist with various tasks on deck, including maintenance and safety procedures.
Guest Relations Officer Interact with guests, handle inquiries, and help ensure a positive onboard experience.

Working on a cruise ship offers a unique lifestyle, allowing you to explore different destinations while meeting people from all over the world. So if you’re ready to embark on an exciting adventure and create unforgettable memories, consider a career as a cruise line worker.


For individuals with a background in computer science or engineering, there are numerous opportunities for remote engineering jobs that allow you to work from anywhere. Whether you specialize in software development or technical graphic design, these roles can provide the flexibility to travel while pursuing your career.

Platforms like LinkedIn offer thousands of remote engineering positions, with over 12,000 available at the time of writing. These jobs often involve working on projects for clients or companies located around the world, allowing you to explore new places while utilizing your technical skills.

“Working as a remote engineer has been a game-changer for me. I can combine my love for travel with my passion for coding, and it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities.” – John, Remote Engineer

Whether you’re developing software in a coffee shop in Bali or working on technical graphic design projects from a cozy cabin in the mountains, remote engineering jobs offer the freedom to work on your own terms while satisfying your wanderlust.

Benefits of Remote Engineering Jobs Challenges of Remote Engineering Jobs
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Opportunity to travel and explore new places
  • Ability to choose your own projects and clients
  • Possibility of a higher income due to global clientele
  • Need for self-discipline and time management skills
  • Potential for communication challenges with remote teams
  • Reliance on stable internet connection and technology
  • May require adapting to different time zones for client communication

ESL Teacher

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is a rewarding career that offers the opportunity to travel while making a difference in the lives of others. ESL teachers are in high demand both domestically and abroad, providing ample opportunities to live and work in different countries. With a combination of language skills, a bachelor’s degree, and relevant ESL training, individuals can embark on an exciting journey as an ESL teacher.

Working as an ESL teacher abroad allows professionals to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and gain a deeper understanding of the local community. By teaching English, they help students develop language skills that can open doors to better education and employment opportunities. This career path also offers the chance to develop cross-cultural communication skills and build lifelong connections with students from diverse backgrounds.

ESL teachers can find employment in language schools, international schools, universities, and private institutions around the world. Some organizations even offer teaching placements in countries where English is not the primary language, providing a truly immersive experience. Websites such as offer comprehensive guides on how to become an ESL teacher and provide resources for finding teaching opportunities abroad.

Teaching English as a Second Language is a rewarding career that allows individuals to travel, experience new cultures, and make a positive impact on students’ lives.

Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

  • Travel Opportunities: ESL teachers have the chance to explore new countries and immerse themselves in different cultures. They can make their travel dreams a reality while earning a living.
  • Language Skills Development: Living in a foreign country provides ESL teachers with the opportunity to enhance their language skills and become fluent in the local language.
  • Personal Growth: Adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and problem-solving skills are just a few of the personal qualities that can be developed through teaching English abroad.
  • Career Advancement: Teaching English abroad can open doors to further career opportunities in international education, curriculum development, or educational administration.

Teaching English abroad as an ESL teacher is an ideal career for individuals who are passionate about travel, language, and education. With the right qualifications such as these accredited TEFL courses and a sense of adventure, aspiring ESL teachers can embark on a fulfilling journey that allows them to explore the world while making a positive impact. Whether it’s teaching in bustling cities or remote villages, the opportunities are endless for those who choose this path.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators have a unique opportunity to travel for work, especially if they specialize in organizing large-scale events such as trade shows and festivals. This exciting job involves meeting with potential vendors from across the country, coordinating logistics, and overseeing the setup and breakdown of the events. Whether it’s managing trade show booths or ensuring a smooth festival experience, event coordinators play a crucial role in bringing unforgettable experiences to life.


Benefits of Being an Event Coordinator Challenges of Being an Event Coordinator
– Travel to exciting locations – High levels of stress and pressure
– Variety and creativity in work – Long and irregular working hours
– Networking opportunities with industry professionals – Dealing with unexpected issues and last-minute changes
– Opportunity to work on diverse projects – Managing budgets and financial constraints

In addition to these benefits and challenges, event coordinators can also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their hard work come to life and creating memorable experiences for attendees. This dynamic career allows individuals to combine their organizational skills, creativity, and passion for travel in a rewarding and fulfilling way.

So, if you have a knack for planning, a love for travel, and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, then a career as an event coordinator could be the perfect fit for you.

Foreign Service Worker

A career as a foreign service worker offers an exciting opportunity to travel the world while representing one’s country. Foreign service officers and specialists play a crucial role in international relations, working in over 250 embassies worldwide. These professionals engage with foreign governments, promoting diplomacy, facilitating trade, and addressing global issues. If you have a passion for international relations and a desire to immerse yourself in different cultures, a career as a U.S. diplomat could be the perfect fit.

Career Tracks in Foreign Service

The Foreign Service offers various career tracks, allowing individuals to specialize in different areas of diplomacy and international affairs. Some common career tracks include:

  1. Economic Officer: Focuses on economic policies, trade, and financial issues.
  2. Political Officer: Monitors political developments, promotes democracy, and analyzes foreign policies.
  3. Consular Officer: Provides assistance to citizens abroad, issues visas, and ensures the safety of Americans traveling internationally.
  4. Public Diplomacy Officer: Engages with foreign media, conducts cultural exchanges, and promotes understanding of U.S. values and policies.

How to Become a Foreign Service Worker

Becoming a foreign service worker typically involves a rigorous selection process that includes a written exam, interviews, and background checks. Candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications, knowledge of international affairs, language proficiency, and ability to adapt to different cultures. The U.S. Department of State provides detailed information about the application process and requirements on its website.


In conclusion, there are a plethora of job opportunities available for individuals who want to travel while earning an income. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, language lover, or have a passion for event planning, there are options for everyone. These careers provide the perfect balance of work and travel, allowing you to explore new destinations while pursuing your professional goals.

Consider becoming an athletic recruiter, traveling to schools and sporting events to scout new talents. If you enjoy working with children and want to immerse yourself in a different culture, becoming an au pair could be an ideal choice. Construction managers and consultants also have the opportunity to travel while showcasing their expertise in their respective fields.

For those with a passion for hospitality or entertainment, working on a cruise ship can offer a unique and exciting travel experience. Remote engineering jobs provide the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world, while ESL teaching allows you to live and work in a foreign country, teaching English to eager learners.

Event coordinators and foreign service workers have the chance to travel for work, coordinating events and representing their country abroad. With so many career paths available, it’s important to thoroughly research and acquire any necessary qualifications before pursuing these opportunities. So, pack your bags and embark on an exciting journey with one of these best jobs for travel!

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